Yo.... Be real ok


Ok, I’ve been drawing for 3 years now and I’m wondering if any of you can help me get better cuz’ I’m crap here’s a pic of a character that I made up his name is Akumeru tell me what you guys think, Is the style uinque and don’t be afraid to rip me a new one cuz’ I’m used to it but keep in mind I only been drawing for 3 yrs.


It’s not so much unique as…juvenile, i guess. As you keep drawing you’ll find out that dragonball z style anime is below you. That style is just so substanceless that it can’t be called unique, in my opinion. You’re off to an ok start, I suppose, keep it up and you’ll get better. I started when I was old enough to pick up a pencil and I’m 16 now, and I’ll post some of my stuff once I figure out this damn scanner. I don’t know how old you are but like I said…juvenile buddy.


Dragon Ball Z?! Dragon Ball Z?! How dare you reduce my art work to mear simple Dragon Ballerly… nah just kidding you think it looks like Dragon Ball Z ??? I can’t see it I know my early pics did but I thought by now it would be away from that I guess its the eye brows or the body…tell me what it is so I can stop being crap ( assuming that your better than me) what about thin one.


He’s right it does look DBZ-ish… I suggest a bulkier body for this drawing of Akuma and in this last drawing try and work on the faces to draw in more emotion…


:bluu: Hey thats not Akuma ( who ever that is) its Akumeru but thanks for the tip I’ll try to be better any thing else??


If you truly want to get better. Youve got to be open to many styles of Art, not just comics and anime, but the old masters who painted. If you look at the guy who does artwork for metal gear, he doesnt draw with a pencil, he paints all his artwork, thats why his marks look free. You hafto draw everyday and study as many things that you find interesting in life. Especially if you dont have a 9 to 5 job like i do right now. Dont limit yourself to just your favorite styles…there are so many out there to explore. If you free your mind of rules youll grow.


simple enough crack open an anatomy book. Experiemnt around look at other peoples art and emulate their style and then try to evolve their style into ur own unqiue one but seriously crack open an anatomy book. You are where i was two years ago. I still have anatomy issues but the second i opened the book it went upp 20 levels skill wise.


People will say that when they see hair flying up like that, like a Super Sayian or something. My friend goes through the same thing, so your not the only one…


Its not just the hair though, that akumeru drawing the powering up is very similar to dbz as well. I know other anime’s power up but dbz has its own unique way to do that and you do it very smiliar or exactly like it.


This is good Advice.:smiley: :slight_smile:


Ill be posting up some of my artwork as soon as I get the chance


**If you want to get better, get some photographs and draw from them. National Geographic is my personal favorite. Also nab some books about perspective and anatomy.

A lot of people forget that a lot of anime/manga artist like Akira Toriyama (the creator/artist of DBZ) are masters of drawing real-world drawings. They are as capable of drawing a realistic person, as they are drawing pictures of Goku and Vegeta.

Hell, you can even see evidence of his skill if you read his comics. The man really knew how to draw some amazing stuff, which helped him be able to construct a believable fantasy world.

Anyways, enough rambling, the point is, if you want to get better, draw from reality. It never fails.**


that’s almost perfect advice. do draw from real life, and draw a lot.

however, actually draw from living things. sit with a sketchbook and just draw people that you see. photographs are good, but they lack motion, correct lighting, and spontaneity.


3 years huh? Well start working on ur basic shapes, and go pick ur self up an anotomy book study the muscles.