Yo capcom if you playin with tha marvel license again


How about an updated Mutant Apocalypse/MSH : War of the Gems

those games were some ultimofavorites of mine

let us discuss how awesome these games were now


HD remix maybe one day but highly doubtful we’ll see anything on the scale of SF4 and MvC.


Maybe expanding the game to two players would be nice, though would probably make things too busy


I never got to mutan apocalypse. Is it worth hunting down and playing today?



Looks like it on ebay for like 8 bucks, if you got dat snes I would say its worth it, if its just a matter of a few meg download I would DEF say worth playin


wrong section…


what no way one player beatemups are in no way fighting games

unless of course you mean it should be in street writer, in which case you are super correct


War of the Gems is hard as hell. I still cant beat that crap. Trying to pull off uppercut motions or any special moves in that game is a bitch


Man I would love it if they brought out X-Men CotA and MSH online.

Hell even better then that, with all the X-Men characters (Rouge, Gambit and Marrow etc) from Marvel vs Capcom 2 plugged in. X-Men CotA Special Edition.
Then while their at it finally Marvel Super Heroes (Had the funnest system) with ALL 28 Marvel characters from MvC 2. Man I would fucking love playing MSH with Venom, Cable and Gambit and the rest.

Or at the very least put the OG Marvel catalog up on PSN and XBLA.


Yes to msh!


ah I remember war of the gems, pretty fun game but I had a genesis and my fave game was the X-MEN game that didn’t have a boot screen and basically just started. I’m pretty sure it was just X-MEN without a subtitle but I got it second hand without a case.

Also The Tick beat em up was the motherfucking shit.


ooh. you’re probably talking clone wars. you started right away with a random character. that xmen game + the 1 before it were like my favorite games for a long time.


You talking about the one with the Phalanx as the main bad guys?




If we’re going to start the conversation like while you’re at it… Why not go after the DC license again. It’s not like everyone hasn’t been clamoring for Marvel vs DC since the Vs series 1st started.


Nah the DC one player beatemup that I remember most on snes was death and return of superman, I never want to see that game again

mutant apocalypse on the other hand was that sex as far as i concerned

p-go be right though in war of the gems i would get my ass straight up beat trying to do dps and sweet gem attacks instead of just punchin dudes