Yo Clock

hey clock i was wondering if it was u the other day at regency. it was the day of the team tourny and the day before that on friday. i was gonna say whats up but i wasnt sure if it was u. so i didnt :bluu: im one of the guys from CC u might remember me as aqua i made a post about strider’s infinite. yeah well if u can tell me if that was u it would be great.

Yeah that was prolly me. And I play like crap at Regency, in case you couldn’t tell it was me cause I was losing alot =]


ok cool next time i see u ill be sure to say supp. latz



Wtf… :wtf:

C’mon, it’s fun. Watch:

Yo… what up in da hizzle fo’ shizzle:cool:

sigh I’m so white:lol: