Yo, Help question

I’ve been playing VF5 for about a month or so and I can’t get into it i’ve been playing 2d fighting games for the longest time and still think of 2d shit all the time i’ll start to pick it up then go into a relapse and just get frustraited with stupid 3d bullshit…(I’m really trying here)

Anyone got some advice on how I can convert over to 3d or give some solid pointers…I’m outta luck like two dogs stuck and I really want to get into this game fuck I just wanna break the 3d shell. It’s the only reason I picked up a Titanic 3.


The biggest problem I noticed when 2d gamers play 3d games is that they forgot there is an extra dimension, sidestep, 8 way run, etc. So think of this as jumping in 2d game will help.

also, in 3d game, frame is everything. You need to know you moves. When you are in advantage or disadvantage. And punish when you are in advantage and use defense when you are in disadvantage.

Starting to play VF in general is difficult. I remember when I started playing back in VF2 days. I remember holding down-back and the guard button thinking I was safe like in MK and getting hit by everything. Mid attacks hit crouching opponents and more than half the attacks you or your foe dish out will be mid.

First of all, are you playing alone or do you have people to play with? If you are training just by yourself its going to be even harder. See if you can have someone play with you.

Srider from VFDC wrote an incomplete guide on how to improve your play in VF. You can find it here. 10 Things That Will Improve Your Level of Play

As yimaxi pointed out, I think the most vital thing you should know is your movelist for your character of choice and understand frames. Almost all moves when blocked leave you at disadvantage and you usually you will need to do a defensive technique to counter it (block, evade, sabaki, reversal).

Thanks guys, yeah I play with a group of 4 or 5 people every tuesday but I’ve been losing to stupid shit at times. I’ve been playing Jacky alot and just learned the offencive movement. I’m getting the hang of Guard Cancels aswell but I will take a look at VFDC.com (I’m Guessing) and see what else I can do to improve my game. It’s just this damn 2d mind set… :lol: thanks guys I’ll be asking some more questions later.

I’ve never been able to pick up 3D fighters. God help me I’ve tried, but I really just enjoy 2D much more.

Sirlin recently said it best; 2D games are about controlling space, whereas 3D games are battles of controlling time…

in other words, you’re going to have to learn frame data; learn what moves are fast and slow and what recovers fastest in certain situations…that’s the only way around certain things…if anything, learn basic and intermediate techniques about VF like fuzzy guard to give you a better grasp on things…

good luck on it dude; VF is probably the most difficult fighting game to learn…it’s very unforgiving for new players.

Hey thanks for that Fuzzy guard is really good shit and VFdc has a VF 4 Evo Gloosary that still works with 5…I learned alot of good shit from reading and practicing that… Like entering multiple throw escapes while side-stepping (OC) or if you lose frames on a move that whiffs…

Heres a new question if the yellow flash is a sign of a counter hit whats the blue one for?