Yo I need c.viper practice

Yea im really sketchy on the whole match up thing so I wanted to see if anyone would run some matches with me so i can get a little more familiar with the character. If you down just leave ya gamertag and i’ll hit ya up.

O yea and I main adon

Bring it.

send me a message on psn

I am looking to add some Vipers to my FL on XBL. People who dont mind discussing the match up in detail while playing. Please feel free to add me “Daman1009”, I use Bison and Sim and need a lot of work on both. Thanks in advance

Is it alright if I ask for help in this topic rather than make a new one? I need some practice with the matchup as well. Send me a PM on PSN if interested.

i tried to add u & we can run thru sum matches & i’ll show u how to beat up on viper in though i dont use her @ high level add me on xbl NGB Kloud

My XBL tag changed and I recently got blown up by a Viper and it was soley because I had no clue what to or what I could punish so forth and so forth. I normally play after 10pm CTL. XBL: The Crazykat

PS. Thanks a ton!