Yo I'm new, got a few questions (I live in Philly)

Ok. First of all, I don’t think these are for advertising tournies, if so, I’m sorry loool.

Anyways, I don’t really play much fighters. I got a Xbox 360 and all, so I’m sure I can get one. But I usually play Super Smash Bro’s Melee. Because of that, I am more interested in fighting games. (Used to be that I just owned SF II but didn’t know wtf to do at all)

I like Melee better than Brawl, so I am wondering what Fighting games are generally closer to Melee, yet people play here. (Fast, and challenging)

What should I get to play those games you might suggest? Who holds tournies for them? (So I could meet people who play the game)

I host tournies for Melee (I’m starting out, already had two) so if I get into some of the other fighting games, I might want to give more for the community here too if not much is done in Philly for whatever games are like melee or something.

Thank you for listening. (Also if there are any threads of improving on hosting tournies, please direct me to it : D )

Smash players seem to move towards Marvel the easiest out of most fighters. You should give it a shot.

I host events for them on a bunch of Thursday nights, and will be doing some Saturday ones soon. Just keep in contact with me lol

Loool ok man. Err just in NJ or sometimes philly too? Yeah I will son I got your number and aim still