Yo let me get an av of magnus but


that has a close up of his face but with his colors blue and have his eyes glowing and have the background black and have a spinning decepticon logo and have it say Team Decepticons and Dragongod somewhere thanx i want the pic to looklike this just with better quality.


this thred gonna flamed i can see it.


take that~!!!

P.S-how many Avs have you wasted asking for more?


yea why do u ask for so many damn avs. each time i check this section i always find another request from you. i guess u can’t take the hint that avatar whoring is bad.


what are you guys talking about. I always wait my proper two weeks and usually more before i request another av and i always make sure i wear the avs people now so go… do something contrustive.


uh…no…you don’t.:bluu:


Damn man… another one…


Gotta love the grammar and spelling. Weird how it’s common among all the av whores.

Well even if you do wait your two weeks, you still go into every thread there is and request something. That is also considered avatar whoring. So just stop. Please.