Yo Momma Jokes Now with 50% More Gay Jokes


[INDENT=1][FONT=Helvetica]Yo momma wear so many different colored lipsticks I’m startin’ to get a rainbow around my dick.
[/FONT]Yo momma so broke I saw her walking downtown with one shoe, I asked her how she lost her shoe, she told me she found one.

Anything goes here jokewise.

As Guy says.

“Nothing personal.” [/INDENT]


Yo Momma so stupid, she sold her car for gas money.


Ohhhhh snap son!

(This will be my only contribution to this thread ever. That’s about how useful I am to Yo Momma jokes)




Yo momma so fat the universe uses her and the planets as pool balls.

Yo momma so fat the scale runs away from her.

Yo momma so fat she dips chicken in Crisco.

Yo momma so fat the sun sets around her.

Yo momma so fat she fell on a dollar and change popped out.


Yo momma so fat and desperate, she goes to Evo to pick up guys


Yo mama is so ugly we had to tie a steak around her neck to get the dog to play with her

Yo mama is so ugly when she goes to the beach cats try and bury her

Yo mama is so bald you can see whats on her mind


Yo momma so stupid she thinks Zelda is an RPG.


Yo momma so fat the friction between her obese thighs can start fires.

Yo momma so fat that it’s been 15 years since she was able to see her feet.

Yo momma so fat even Bison’s U2 can’t give her a free abortion.


(Seeing it’s been years since I’ve done this and lost my book full of jokes, I’ll try my best to come up with something original, but instead I’ll use other jokes that I’ve heard)

Yo momma so ugly every time she looks out her window she gets arrested for indecent exposure.

Yo momma so dumb every time she walks past the YMCA she goes “Oh my God, they changed it to Macy!”

Yo momma so fat every time she gets on the dance floor, no wonder why Destiny’s Child kept saying the club kept jumping (my only original one I kept up with that used to shut shit down).


Yo momma so stupid she tried to climb Mountain Dew.
Yo momma so ugly that your dad takes her to work with him everyday just so he doesn’t have to kiss her goodbye.


Yo momma is so skinny, she uses a cheerio as a hula hoop


Yo momma so stupid she went to the hospital, asking for Dr. Pepper.

Yo momma so ugly, every time she walks through the woods, the trees pee on her.




Yo momma so ugly you posted a “I was sexually assaulted by my mother and now I’m scared for my life” thread and nobody asked for pics.


Yo momma is so ugly and neglectful you have to sexually fawn over Barack Obama because she looks just like him.


Yo mama soooooo huge… she wear’s a VCR for a beeper!
Yo mama soooooo fat… and DUMB… she thought a Cheerio was a doughnut seed!
Yo mama got gaps in her teeth soooooooo wide… it look like her tongue is in jail!
Yo mama sooooooo skinny… she has to run around in the shower to get wet!
Yo mama breath sooooooo stanky… she can’t brush her teeth ‘cause the toothbrush keep on runnin’ away!
Yo Mama smell soooooooo bad… she has to put on Left AND Right Guard!
Yo mamma got soooooo… many wrinkles… she can hold a week’s worth of rain!
:rofl: :tup:


Yo Momma so fat, that bitch has to use a VCR as a Beeper.

Yea that’s right a Beeper. Old school :sunglasses:


Say, man. No need to get ugly, now. :mad:


Yo mama so stupid she made a thread on a forum about yo mama jokes just to learn some new ones.