Yo real talk



Seriously guys, some of the threads/posts/questions in here can be solved with 2 minutes in training mode.
Cr fierce xx roll xx breathless??? inescapable?? really?? god damn

You seriously couldn’t startup your ps3/xbox and figure this out?

Training mode is there for a reason, use it.


Yo real talk

Guile focus absorbed my breathless point blank today, and im sad :frowning:


yo is that possible i’m gonna go make a new thread and ask that brb


Yo real talk

This happened to me yesterday but then I cancelled Breathless into Souless and broke his armour


Yo good shit bro.


Well im not joking actually
heres what happened

He did flash kick, i blocked, he fadced but held the FA. I saw this and did Breathless from 2 ft in front of him. He hit me with Guiles FA and backdashed, making me absorb the hit and then completely WHIFF cuz of his backdash right in the corner. Extremely gay.


I like to talk about things that are real.


aww shit u gotta teach me that one


He didn’t focus absorb shit, he backdashed the active frames of your grab.


Best Abel thread of 2010.

P.S. - Anyone looking for a good Abel? PM me up and we’ll have at it over XBL.


at first that wat it looked like, but wen i rewatched the replay i saw that is what happened, hence the edit in the post fool


Nah man, saving that shit for nationals :stuck_out_tongue:


yo thats some deep shit