Yo So I recently decided to go stick from now on



Hey everyone, I run magnus and I have been using him really well and place in my local areas in MA. I have been using Magnus on pad for a long time now can do all his combos. Recently decided that I was going to go stick from now on. It’s been hard adapting but I was wondering if people could post up vids with their hands in it just so I can see how people use the buttons during mag combos and such. Thanks, appreciate it.



Boy you got a long road ahead of you. At least 3 months until you’re comfortable with the stick. Dont rely on videos, go with your own natural feel to it. Oh and thanks for sharing your blog with us.


more importantly though, do you guys use your ring finger to hit H? like I got his hyper grav loop down but for me to do his air H air H repeatedly, it feels weird lemme know




yeah, Ring Finger for H. I shuffle around a bit, but it’s mostly ring finger for :h: , thumb on :s: and middle/ring for :a1: :a2:


LMAO @Din0, why do you disapprove bro? I feel like I need to do it so that whenever I play on a different console I can’t make any excuses for winning or losing. I hate making wrong inputs do to controller issues… ya know?

@Kanta-Kun. Sounds good that’s what I’ve been doing. I found doing the hyper grav loop to be easier than the mid screen air dash H combo, since doing L M then H to be weird and too slow. Any suggestions? Since whenever I do it on pad, I map one button dashes. Making it much easier.


When doing the addf j.H in hyper grav loop, there’s very little delay (or none) between :l::m: and your :h: .

However, since flight loop is done by dashing forward, you need to add a little delay between the dash input and the H. So yeah, it is a bit slower and they will be falling a bit each rep. It’s the same timing as it is on pad, you just feel like it’s a bit different because stick is still foreign to you.

Also, overall stick usage tips: Your type of grip on the joystick is important.
This is how Daigo grips the joystick Here
As you can (hopefully) see, he hs a sort of “I’m holding a wineglass” grip. His pinky (and sometimes ring finger) is on the opposite side of the joystick’s shaft.
For a while i thought this was the “correct” way to do it, when learning stick. But I was really hitting a wall with motions and I was starting to get really pissed. That’s when I saw a justin wong video, and he has a much more relaxed grip Here.
Notice how he simply lays his hand on top of the joystick. I believe he and other old school american player (valle for example) play like this because of the old Bat-tops found in arcades, but it transitions well into balltop grip.

basically, experiment with different grips and see which one fits you the best. Above all, practice, practice and patience! xD


I’m not mad :smiley:




@Kanta-kun, yeah I think i switch between grips personally, when im not thinking about it too much is when I do my best usually.

I’m definitely faster still on pad, I think I need to work on speed for my mags now. I got the combos down I just need to super jump air dash down H or S the way I used to. Dash in with MH instead of LM too aha


i only use pad when im playing guitar hero, as i am too poor to buy a guitar