YO Who has a PSP With Guilty Gear xx#R

Yo i just need to know who has this cuz i want to get acquainted with the knowledge of this

I have it for psp

its like an exact remake of the reloaded version except playable in your hands :slight_smile:

It’s also the only good game on PSP besides Lumies and Darkstalkers

I got it. That shit has been in PSP since I got it. Its nice I can play GG anytime I feel like it.

Before that, I was jammin with Lumines.

and I’m still getting a DS…

Dust Strikers and Jump All stars yo…

Because maybe…Just MAYBE its the better of the two systems? I tend to say ‘yes’. Because it is. PSP is pretty much a dead and obsolete handheld to me. The only TWO games I’ve purchased recently have been PopoloCrois and Tokobot. Almost done with the 1st and have yet to be done with the second.

I only have 3 games for my DS and it still gets more love than my PSP. Web browser is nice though.

How do false roman cancels hold up?

there fine to me nothing really wrong

there dont seem to be any false roman cancels to my knowledge whatever that does =P

but everything seems to be in order.

wtf that’s a pretty big part of ggxx#r so i’m pretty sure they’re in there

Played it.

Lucky for me, the PSP plays like the way I config my pad. Had no trouble FRCing any attacks, and the game felt the same way as the PS2 #R.
People say the graphics look better, but when I played it I couldn’t even fuckin’ see Ky’s face, all I saw was this big blurry peach shit.

lol, by the way he worded that sentence, it seems he doesn’t play Guilty Gear much at all.

Anyway, the port is really on spot. There’s a widescreen mode that zooms in on the sprites, which is the default. It takes away the character icons on the top left/right of the screen, but it’s a small sacrifice. There’s also a zoom-out mode in normal 16:9 resolution (I can’t remember the number) where it’ll be a square size, but the sprites are zoomed out with the missing character icons. The sprites look like shit in this mode, but if you prefer the zoomed out look this is fine.

I found out that some PSP dpads are shitty and are too stiff, while others are broken in or something and play perfectly. So I dunno how that works, but I’ve had more or less no problems getting stuff out on broken-in psps since I play on pad lots (especially if you’ve seen me at Evo. :o) I even helped out my friend in finishing boss I-no in Johnny’s story mode at a stoplight, and finished her before it turned green. :rofl:

lol I dont even know what false roman cancels are =/
I know roman cancel’s let you cancel almost anything in the game so you could extend your combo or use it for defence purposes or hit and run.
is there something I need to know?

#R for PSP is dope, get it if you can.

Blazn: False Roman Cancels (FRC’s or blue cancels) are jus’ like normal Roman Cancels (RC’s or red cancels) w/ the notable exception that they only apply to certain moves (but all the characters have’em) and require specific timing. You’ll need to know certain ones, if not all of’em, for your character (whoever that may be) to be able to use their full potential. For example, Sol’s GF, Jam’s throw, Ky’s big FB, Baiken’s mat, Ino’s big note, Millia’s disk, Eddie’s drills, Axl’s chain, Venom’s straight ball shot, RK’s HS, etc.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

fighting games on a d-pad = no thanks

It came out for US release already?

I’m gonna take a guess…SCEA rejected the game? But they accepted Darkstalkers?

Not like it matters too much, since you can play import games on PSP. No region lockout on handhelds rock.

You assumed that from just one sentence? I play GG, but it’s XX though lol, I don’t have a modded ps2.Wish I did though cause Testament gets raped by fucking half the cast in that (especially Faust) and he’s my main character. I have a good understing of the game, although I can’t say I play it extensively…

Actually it’s not coming out for the US.

What’s coming out for the US is the “Guilty Gear Boost” from Isuka. Some adventure crap like that.