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Just thought this should have its own little thread for people that are interested in purchasing it. There is info in the main thread but it’s buried under layers of discussion/flame. I got the DVD / Book today (i know, late to the party). Picked it up at Play-asia ~$60. The DVD was nice (although I’ve seen even sharper play from these guys). I did enjoy viewing the top ST players playing AE. But the book makes this a must buy.

package contains


  • tournament of some of Japan’s top ST players duking it out. Unlike most Japan ST tournaments, each round is best 3/5 and counter-picking is allowed.
  • ~1 hr of ST and AE matches
  • AE combo vid
  • SF2 glitch vid.


  • 10 remixed tunes (Dee Jay, thawk, fei, cammy, ehonda, guiler, dhalsim, blanka, sagat, vega)
  • tunes are great, wish they had remixed more!


  • hitboxes! (this info alone makes the guide priceless)
  • frame data
  • a strategy section that i can’t read. I’m sure there is juicy info here.
  • interviews with top players.
  • examples of how hitboxes changed over the series. Some priceless examples like Bison CE psycho crusher. Almost makes me wish that they did hit boxes and frame data for all four games just so I can waste many hours comparing hitbox deltas. :rofl:

Anyways, great book. Hopefully they keep doing it for all the main evo games (cvs2, 3s, ggxx). It’s nice to have a definitive “bible.”


Product page w/ sample vids:
one place to buy:


how come this book doesn’t have frame info on hit advantage and block advantage?


it does but its in japanese


I will translate that sooner or later…


i guess they must be universal for all moves?

anyways, i think the hit boxes for ken’s j.MK is wrong, it can definitely hit with his front foot.


There are definitely some erroneous hit boxes, though only a few. Boxer’s Kick Rushes, for example, can’t hit until his fist is extended, but they drew some red boxes even on his rushing frames.


Yeah, see here for more corrections:


it’s weird seeing kurahashi and yuu vega busting out boxer and claw respectively in the tournament. Plus in the yoga book it says aniken plays boxer as one of his characters and noguchi -> claw as well.

Maybe these guys got bored of winning with top tier over the years and decided to wreck shop with mid-tier? Noguchi’s fei is pretty crazy.


Daigo said at Evo that Ani-Ken used to use Boxer, and he used to be untouchable. It just got boring for him, so he started playing N.Ken instead. :confused:


I was just watching it, DVD is the bomb.


Bump for link to PDF versions of the Yoga Book:


NKI mentioned translation, and the link he posted no longer works; have these ever been satisfactorily translated? What about TAkiba’s site as well? I could do something for these.


@hanasu: all the updated links are in this list


I mean to the corrections, I assume those scans are just the raw data, which apparently is wrong. Some of the links on NKI’s site don’t work anymore, the errata page isn’t translated, etc. I’ll try to work on some of this eventually.


I am fairly certain I have the errata page printed somewhere. I will look into it. :slight_smile: