yoga flame

I have a SE stick and I am having trouble doing the yoga flame with this stupid square gate can someone plz give me some advice

Turn on input display in the training mode and see what you’re doing wrong. It shouldn’t be hard. Just gotta get that muscle memory down.

I bought an octagonal square also for this reason.

same- although i have both, and switch depending on if i have a spree with a charge char/directional.

Basically, you can use a short cut with square gates and thats (if you are facing right) then go from the diagonal right corner of the gate, to back and hit the punch. so you dont start at right and you dont do a 180, you simply go from diagonal right to back, if that makes any sense? I got off YF with 100% effect with my square gate using that, you’ll get used to it- no matter what technique you use, just stick with it!