Yoga inferno reset by S.Hp

I see filipino champ resets after a super bnb with a S.HP
anyone care to discuss?

at 1:20

right. funny

oops my bad. this is the real vid:


To be honest, sannsann, it looks like he meant to do a ducking FP. shrugs He follows up the BnB with a ducking FP quite a bit. But I could be wrong…

I think he means the s.HP, afterall sagat was getting pushed well out of threat range by the super, so the s.HP just did a nice little 40-50 damage extra, cant complain with that!!!

I just tried this out in training mode. Seems you gotta cancel the yoga flame at the last possible frame(s?) for it to be possible to connect a s.hp. It seems easier to do with b.hp xx medium flame xx super. Tried for a long ass time before I pulled it off with light flame

oh i see, thanks for the info lollaff ima try to test that out. that extra 50-60 dmg is so crucial sometimes yo

have a happy new year all!

seems this is only possible on two chars AFAIK:


Let me know if anyone else has found it working on another char. I’m too lazy to test it out =P

Did it on Gouken in a match couple a days ago

Another way i did a hp reset was against ryu, if u see a hurriken kick coming, counter it with a mummy, do yoga inferno when ryu is still in the air, you can follow up with fierce/hp after that…

Sonic, I try in training mode, but it seems it doesn’t work or it’s too hard…

It works also against Cammy.
Only this three chars (I’ve tested all of them).

It does work on other characters aswell. I don’t know if it works on all the cast, but it certainly is easiest on the 3 you mentioned plus Gouken. Did this in training mode couple of minutes ago; [media=youtube]5xNV2mnMWIU[/media]

Nice! with that extra s.hp half goukens health bar was wiped out.

could using b.hp to m.flame get you a higher launch thus allowing you to reset? have you tried l.flame super s.hp?