Yoga mummy _drill



does anyone else use Mummy as there ultra setup
people say mummy is very bad because it can be punisht on block
but i use it only when im sure it hits like punishing ryu’s hurricane kick fei’s Cw viper’s burning kick etc. ow btw you can make lk dril and mummy safe if you aim 4 there knees


Lol, the sad, sad mummy…

The only time I ever use it is after dizzy -> crumple -> instant mummy -> whatever. And I only do that for shits and giggles.

Explain this Ryu / C.Viper / Fei business!!! Why mummy instead of your other options?



True that…mummy is a funny way to win also, I get a lot of hatemail for it!


If you ultra, and opponent jumps towards you, you can instant mummy drill (something like up+forward, down+forward+heavy punch) and it will hit him and juggle him inside the ultra.


Interesting…I gotta try this. I almost never use Yoga Mummy.


Yeah, especially against Akuma’s dive jump. But you’ve to find the right angle to connect ultra. It is not easy.


yoga mummy into ultra

  • viper’s burning kick
  • cammy’s cannon drill
  • fei’s Cw
    -evry hurricane kick
    -demon flip
  • blanka ball right range
    -any jump in
    -abel wheel kick ( hard to do)
    -sumo splash (hard to)
    -wal jump
    -fuertes body splash and flying throw
    -risky but most zangiefs make ther jump in shorter sow a mummy is a good punish

more coming soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty nice find, I tested it today and you juggle with ultra or super


These are all cool but really impractical. Mummy has horrible start and Sim’s jump is already slow that to get at a good height, a good angle and a good distance for these things is a worthless guessing game IMO. The risk is way too high.
And mummy against Gief? Hell no. that’s just giving him a gift.


I agree. Extremely hard to combo mummy to ultra, a little bit easier to combo with super but still risky.

However I’ve just found an interesting application that works most of time:

against far hurricanes: instead of punish with db.hp (80 dmg), punish with instant mummy and super (80+350 dmg!). It’s the only way to punish hurricane with super :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s one thing i did leave out. The hurricane punish is actually useful since it’s easy to react, but who is going to throw mid/full screen tatsus? If they do that then they aren’t very smart :/. I’m not sure but I am pessimistic, but could you crouch under and hit with mummy? I feel that they’d be too far and still moving away by the time you’re able to jump.


Alot of ryu did that, especially when you are on low health, they try to predict your fireball. Or some using hurricane to escape from dhalsim’s ultra.


Yeah, just bait a bit, hoping he goes for hurricane.
However I agree, it is not comfortable as db.hp but if you’ve an opportunity you can try it.


So…they either throw it out as a stupid, risky guess, or legit punish you for fireball or ultra. Either you’re playing a bad player or you get punished.


I guess daigo he a stupid one. because he using alot of that against iyo…



Yes, our Japanese overlords are always supreme and we must follow their every move.
Everytime Diago used mid screen tatsu, he was punished. Maybe not with anything fancy, but it still failed. The fact that that happened testifies for Iyo’s skill, not Diago’s lack of it. Iyo was throwing out everything, so Diago had no idea what to expect, so he tried it out. The risk is minimal w/o sim having super and would get awesome advantage with a hit. But it never worked. In the second round he NEVER tried to psychic a tatsu because it doesn’t work. Watch the video before you try to stump me.


I think I didn’t made myself clear.
Yes, mummy can combo into ultra and super (super is really ease to combo into, and ultra is almost impossible).

But what I actually meant is that you can use your ultra, and while the ultra’s fireball is already in the screen, and the opponent jumps, you can instant mummy. The mummy hits the opponent, and he gets juggled by the ultra’s fireball that there’s already on the screen


konkrete: … no comments

gore: the mummy work great but i cant combo it ultra any tips?


no tips here…
It’s really difficult and it seems work only with an instant mummy, but generally you don’t have time to combo.


Why wouldn’t you just b+RH to knock them back for ultra juggle?