Yoga troll reset :)

I hope you enjoy this video that Ive made. If you have any complaints or suggestions please post them. If you manage to pull this one off in a game then upload a video! :smiley:



True, got any comments on the video or do you just want me to replace the song? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t play Street Fighter


awesome video! I enjoyed it :]

lol this rules!

Wow…this is actually…good!

Besides it being hella situational, its something that can work in high lvls

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Very funny, especially the taunt version, but completely useless except for trolling.

What happens uf the fireball gets blocked?

Chances are your opponent will either try to grab you or hit you with a normal most likely, and Yoga Tower causes most normals (not all) to whiff. Grabs will always whiff. However, a DP or other special move will hit.

Lol. I’m sure you can hit people with this. Can you cancel the tower before they go under you?