Yogi Bear 3D 2010- hey hey hey this is trash boo boo


This was actually made?

They couldn’t get a better VA for Yogi?

Sad panda is indeed sad.

First Bill Murray as Garfeild (which I liked), now Dan Akroyd as Yogi Bear? I would have expected better from him.

This looks like ass…

I dont know it looks better then some of the other 3ds that’s been out…I can do a better Boo Boo then Timberlake…

First Garfield, then Marmaduke, then Yogi, next up Speedy Gonzalez, who is not Latino I guess. I predict next is a CGI Taz movie or Magilla Gorilla…

This Yogi movie looks like shit.

Dan Akroyd as Yogi…eh could be worse…

Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo? FUCK THAT! :arazz:

they’re actually getting George Lopez for Speedy Gonzalez. still trash

Bet Yogi’s still scared of Cindy. Poor girl couldn’t PAY him to take that ass.

What’s up with this weird resurgence of old cartoons? Smurfs was coming too wasn’t it?

yes next year please don’t remind us X_X

You all know that this movie is targeted at KIDS right? Of course it’s going to suck to anyone older than 8 years old.

true but the reality is that’s the same kind of issues a lot of old shows/movies have. fans of the original series (whatever it may be) don’t like the idea of their cherished memories to be raped by what is seen as their classic series smashed through a meat grinder with a desktop computer sprinkled with new pop culture references/stars and then forced fed to a new generation.

just look transformers/Scooby Doo/Alvin and the Chipmunks/etc etc…

Ah, the old “you’re raping my childhood” whine. Seriously, if someone bases a big chunk of their childhood happiness on poorly drawn cartoons, they need to do some serious reevaluating of their lives.

All this bullshit and no Captain Planet…I wont rest until that movie gets made damnit!!!

:lol: well I never said I liked Yogi Bear or anything else i mentioned above…well ok I never cared for the old TF series but I liked the movies Micheal Bay made. my only concern is CGI is what everything is moving too today…and it still cannot be used to make a mature PG13/R rated movie.

I’ll be honest, Justin does a good Boo Boo.

EDIT: They’re doing a Smurf’s movie? Who’s playing Gargamel?

Didn’t look as bad as I thought it would

No more 3d unless it’s porn please.

Ps: gtfo with that shitty Pirahna remake, fucking desperate ass Hollywood.