Yomi v2 Kickstarter!


Some of you have no doubt heard of Yomi, the fighting card game. The second edition is coming soon, now with twice the characters, and the Kickstarter has only 12 days left: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sirlin/yomi

This game is awesome. Much of the strategy of a fighting game, with tons of mind games. The characters are super diverse; there are grapplers, rushdown characters, even a zoner. You can also play online at fantasystrike.com/game, but the physical version is IMO better. There’s so much more to work with in terms of figuring people out and misleading them when you are sitting face to face.


Why in the fuck would I give David Sirlin money? Not even being facetious.


lol no thanks


I’ve played the flash version of it before, it’s actually kinda fun lol


Why is he bad again?


I agree completly with the post.
The game is awesome, and the best fighting (board)game by far. Much more better than BattleCon. Yomi represent a fighting videogame better, the mindgames and the valuation level are above it in every way, and the game is ridiculously well-balanced. I have played about 600 matches and it’s still my favourite game (and I have dozens of boardgames). What’s your problem with David, @Wasted‌? I own the complete first edition and I have pledged for the higher level at the kickstarter.


Not sure what you have against Sirlin. For or against him is aside the point, Yomi is an amazing game. Seriously, my win percentage is something like 36% maybe, but this game is brilliantly balanced with so much replay-ability its insane. Yomi is a perfect translation of our beloved fighting games to the tabletop/board game medium. I couldn’t fork out my money fast enough to secure my copy of the second edition.


Brace yourselves! The 1 posters are coming!


All of Sirlin’s Fantasy Strike series have been solid. Loved both Yomi and Puzzle Strike.
If I had the money I’d fund it for the complete game, but I’m broke as shit at the moment.


SSF2T HD Remix, never forget.


Yup, no shills in this thread whatsoever. Just trustworthy opinions.


Which opinion is not genuine?


It’s very suspicious when a new account is created and their first post happens to be backing up the a post asking for money


@Thelo, probly the only person who could have a valid and positive opinion about Yomi, instead of these day 1 accounts


I’m still bitter at Capcom for this, they should have allowed Sirlin to create the game he wanted, a straightforward update with updated graphics, instead something that was halfway between a patch and a sequel which no one really wanted.

Anyway, good luck with the kickstarter Mr Sirlin and fans


Why do kickstarter threads get so much hate these days? At worst your not gonna chip in but at best you get to see whats going on. Sirlin actually has over 90 grand more than what he was asking for so… wait a sec am broke am not defending this blatant last minute cash grab! :mad:


Sirlin posted this thread on Facebook, that’s pretty much where they came from.


lol looks like the kickstarter was more than a success, this thread doesn’t really need to exist.


Yomi rocks. Haters are dumb.


I advise people to try the game for free and judge it by its own merit.