York, PA surrounding areas


Anyone around york? I haven’t found anything around here. Not expecting much, but anyone out there?


not really in the area but Baltimore has monthly tournaments and weekly sessions. I wouldn’t mind picking you up when ever I head to Baltimore since I basically cross through york anyways


Hmm sounds pretty damn good. Do u have xbl or anything?


Yea add me Vl RoyalMist lV


Adding u now


Flopy. We have to get some games in online some time. What hours do you normally play?


I’m good Fri-sun usually. I’ll message u on xbl. I just got into sfiv. Maybe we could meet up for some local fights sometime?


Bg kept telling me it’s having problems. Add me when you see this. LordFlopyRoostr


I got it to work. Those are l’s not a capital i


Hey hope u guys can make it to Dustbowl


What’s dustbowl?


To bad thats 4.5 hours away from me.


If anyone happens to read this, myself and another guy are hosting casuals on the weekends in York. Send me a message for more details or post in here.


To all of you guys that are looking for active players in the area, check out www.facebook.com/CPAFGC for updates on happenings within the area and within the community as a whole! Let’s get some support and bring the hype in Central PA!


Ect this weekend! Can’t fucking wait! Sword, one of us better put up a w at the tournament haha


Dude, I hope I can get one. I hear that even low level players at tournaments are still pretty skilled. Hopefully, I can go nuts long enough with Logan to do some work lol.