York Region Street Fighters "YRSF" Thread (R.Hill/Aurora/Stouffville/Newmarket)


Built by the players, for the players, YRSF is the premiere site for all things happening in the Street Fighter Communities of York Region and Surrounding areas. Whether it’s a tournament announcement, casual gaming venue schedules, or the latest news on what’s happening around the globe, YRSF is here to keep you in the loop.

Our Misson:
To inspire Fighting Game Enthusiasts of all skill levels to adopt, value, and embrace a true sense of community. Through consistency, and diligence, offer a friendly and welcoming portfolio of resources for players to share in, and interact with, so that we may continue to grow, and further strengthen our shared passion.

YRSF is a community operated organization run and by a dedicated group of passionate fighting game enthusiasts

You can visit us on the web at: York Region Street Fighters, York Region Street Fighters | Facebook, YRSF_OGon Twitter.

Current Venue Information:

Heroes World Markham
SRK thread: http://shoryuken.com/f248/heroes-world-thread-toronto-york-markham-casuals-every-wednesday-friday-237602/
Venue type: Hobby/Comic Book Shop
Fee: $10.00 per session/ $8.00 with BYOC
Format: Casuals/Ranbats, adhoc Team Tournys & scheduled Tournaments
Setups: Multiple (anywhere from 3 to 8) LCD TVs running PS3 & Xbox 360
Hardware: Sticks and Pads on-site for use & purchase however BYOC is recommended

**Microplay Video Games Newmarket **
16700 Bayview Ave
Venue type: Video Game Specialty Retail Store
Fee: $5.00 per session
Format: Casuals/Ranbats
Setups: 4 LCD TVs running PS3 & Xbox 360
Hardware: Sticks and Pads on-site for use & purchase however BYOC is recommended

NEW for Sept 2011:
Beginning Sept 16th we will be hosting late night level-ups & casuals every Friday from 8 p.m. to midnight.
****Store closes at 9 p.m. – from 8 to 9 access to 3 setups
9 to midnight – 6 to 8 Xbox and PS3 setups (as required) running AE, MvC3, BB, MK, Tekken, etc.
Please arrive promptly before 9 p.m.
Admission: $6.00
Food & Drink: Pop & Water for purchase on-site; Pizza will be brought in for purchase by the slice
Space is limited so please register in advance to secure your spot on the SRK thread.
No alcohol or drugs on the premises please

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post-up or send a PM.

We do have a PayPal Donation link on our site - any random acts of generosity would be greatly appreciated!
(We also accept product i.e. consoles, software, pads/sticks/parts)

If you have an existing venue and would be interested in having YRSF host/run casuals at your location please contact us via **YRSSFIV@gmail.com**

Thanks and Good Games.

GTA (ON,Canada) Buttons, Balltops, Sticks, Pads, Games & More

sweet!!! let’s make SF the most well known video game in York Region!!


This will definitely come in handy. Will keep an eye on this. Thanks for the heads up!


**Twofer Promo in effect this week! **

Come out and pay admission to Heroes World (Markham) casuals this Friday night from 5 to 9 p.m. ($5.00) and get **FREE Admission **to the Microplay Video Games (Newmarket) casuals event on Sunday Dec 5th from 1 to 7 p.m.

That’s 10 hours of SF Goodness for only $5.00!


Heroes World December Schedule!

December Schedule:

Wednesday Casuals 2pm to 9pm
(Includes December 1st, 8th, 15th)

Friday Light Casuals 4pm to 9pm
(Includes December 3rd, 10th, 17th)

Entry Fee:

$5.00 each Session
$15.00 gets you in for all 6 listed sessions (Must be paid first, cannot be activated retroactively)

You’ll notice this is only a schedule for the first 3 weeks of December, the final 2 weeks will be announced on December 15th (it’s safe to say there will be no friday Sessions in that period). I can also add additional dates to the schedule depending on demand…for example Tuesdays are possible if anyone is up for it. So if you are gonna be on holiday let me know and i’ll see what i can do cause i would love to get more gaming in! Also i’m trying to squeeze in a tourney somewhere…maybe Sunday December 12th


Badass, I’m not even in the area(Scarborough) but I partake in the Heroes World casuals.


I wanna drop by on wednesdays after college. But website says i gotta register on SRK first. What do you mean by that? Can’t i just drop by and pay $5 at the door?


Hi there,

You don’t need to register on SRK for Heroes World casuals. You’re more than welcome to just drop in and play.

The TOSF HQ is another venue that requires pre-registration as they have limited space. You can check their thread here:

Hope that helps.


you can just show up and pay 5 at the door and you’;ll be fine


Said it before and will say again, this truly is a good deal. Fellow SF junkies don’t sleep on the generosity Heroes World is offering up.


Just paid the $15 today, very very good deal for regulars. My buddy(padkuma) doesn’t come that often and he paid it as well though I remembered it being $20 lol!

Also 20% off Second Cup coffee when I’m there! lol!
Never noticed that it was the preferred coffee over Mcdonalds(just noticed how many SC cups there were tonight!).


2nd Cup>McDonald’s


Here’s a link to an article from Snap Markham, a local community newspaper that we arranged to come out and cover the tournament at Heroes World this past November

SNAP Markham - Super Street Fighter IV Tournament


cool stuff!!! if anyone comes across the print version please save a copy! Also if anyone knows of any other ways to get more exposure to York Region SF please post up…or simply go after it! the more we’re out there the better!


Looking classy as usual Jon.


haha…just wait till STREET FIGHTER FORMALS start running!


Friday Night Lights @HW + Twofer Promo- Reminder

Just a reminder that it?s Friday! Casuals are on at Heroes World in Markham beginning at 4 p.m.

Don?t forget about the Twofer Promo for this week: Pay for Friday @ HW and gain FREE ADMISSION to Sunday Casuals @ Microplay Video Games in Newmarket.


Casuals at Microplay Video Games in Newmarket today from 1 to 7 p.m.
$5.00 admission, door prizes, 4 LCD TV?s running PS3 and 360. Sticks and pads on-site for use but BYOC is best!
See you there!


Need to escape the grasp of Old Man Winter? YRSF can save you!

One day until mid-week mix-ups at Heroes World in Markham! Come out for some great games.

Setups will be running from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Check the Heroes World thread for more details.


Pictures of the set-ups @ Microplay Video Games in Newmarket from last Sunday are online at Microplay Video Games NWMKT Setups | Facebook