York U Winter Thread

So what are some good days to go to the cove? Are the machines (mainly marvel) in working condition??

I was there on Thursday, Marvel was working fine. Both GGXX#R sticks were loose and/or broken. 1P CvS2 was out of order, 2P CFJ stick was loose and the MP on 2P side 3S was broken. I’ll continually be at the cove on Thursday and after 6:30 on Tuesday.



Spicy Bites

Banana Hammock

when a good time to go there? i havnt touch sf games in a long time

LMK when you Marvel people are plannng on being htere, i’ll head down there also.

Anyone going tomorrow? I’ll be in the area and could drop in if there’s Marvel comp.

I’ll be there wed afternoon around 2:30 and i’ll stay for a few hours.

What time you planning on staying there til? I might drop by. You know if Parerick si going to drop by also?

I’ll probably stay there til 4:30 - 5.

I plan on phoning parerick tomorrow and I think cyrus will show.

GGs to Matt, Cyrus and Gerjay, Cyrus. Cyrus keep your shit up and keep beastin these York scrubs.

Anyone going tmr (thursday). I’ll drop by @ ~3:00 to play whatever I can play (3s, cvs2)

CvS2 looked pretty busted, there seem to be a nice crowd for 3S tho.

Matt when are you gonna be at York again? LMK.

might go on wednesday again, dunno for sure though

Alrite, keep this thread updated and LMK.

mon/wed bad for me
people go on thurs/tues after 1.
i’ll be there to take your moneys

I’m coming on Wednesday around 1:00pm.