York University Appreciation Tournament- (TorontO, Ontario) - Saturday, Sept 29, 2007

Saturday, September 29th 2007
—Registration begins at 12:00pm. Tournaments start at 1:00pm.
last date change i SWEAR!

Playscape Entertainment Center
Pacific Mall
Toronto, Ontario



MAJORS [$10]
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Singles
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Teams ($5 per player)
Capcom Vs. SNK 2
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Double elimination, regular games 2/3, semis 3/5, finals 4/7.
Except for cvs2, 2/3 semis, 3/5 finals.

Pot split: 80/20 no exceptions.
3s Teams are teams of 2’s. Duplicate characters not allowed. Last man standing format.

I’d really like to run a R4 tournament for a dollar a peice. We’ll see how that goes.

Come and appreciate that York U is open by celebrating at pmall instead :rofl:
No minors.
No johnsons.
NO food or drinks are allowed in the venue.

:rolleyes: You could at least spell “Toronto” right. :rolleyes:

:confused: Did you intentionally run in conflict with the Lovegetty tournament? :confused:

New rig


date changed to the following saturday.
many thanks to nagata

Supposed to go to both of them at the same day

tnx for changing date =P
but wouldnt the following saturday be 22 instead of 29? o.O

Cyrus; what’s the date of this tournament? If it’s on the 29th I’m going to pop by to return Stephen’s camcorder and say see how everyone is doing.

29th definitely
i had issues taking the 22nd off, so i took the 29th off instead.
this is almost 1 month preparation people.

i dont want ANYONE missing this tournament.

except for the johnsons.

coooool i’m in

I’ll be there to come 4th in marvel. . . :frowning:

holy shit $10 entry fee?!

damn i can’t miss it den

remember nigs this at orbit.

Except its york uni appreciation day. . .


yorku represent.

I’ll enter 3s. Anyone want a scrubby Oro for their team?

Edit: Wtf this isn’t at York? Haha, well, I’ll probably still go. PMall is easier :P.

is there any particular reason why it is $10

So I can buy LAIR for ps3.

ROSH week.

we’re all baller’s, that’s why it’s $10.