York University Fall Semester 2005 Thread

Super Football Insanity Casual On September 8th!


Always good when a non York student creates the York thread.


so yeah like fuck… see all you bitches on tuesssssssssssday

first day of school=wednesday
whats happenin tuesday?

I’m guessing that Crux thinks that it’s the 8th. If not, I’m guessing that he’s just so eager to play Team Hammer that he’ll be waiting in the arcade from the Tuesday.

are you serious first day is wednesday?

FUCK thats so gay… i wanna go back already haha

vanny you plan on commin down to the cove a few times?? =)

first day of school=my first year anniversary
3s anniversary that is :stuck_out_tongue:

bumping this thread to make xpac feel stupid…

Yeah, I’m planning on it this year. Not like there is much else to do. Hmmm, work or play SF??? That’s a tough one.

so i went to the cove today and damn, theres alot of games to play now (2 3s cabs, 1 #r, and a cfj cab to let out stress). Now all I need to know is when do big crowds hit the cove? days? times? BOOM HEADSHOT?

oh shit…CFJ bitches… :tup:

cyrus: did we have a money match? i can’t remember

haha xpac’s thread got owned =/

i guess we just gotta wait and see wen the big crowds are in… winter2005 the busy days were usually tues/thurs

im there tmr for a bit between classes at 11 30ish to 12 30… then again from 2 30 to 4 30

thursday i have a 6 hour break… gg

and york with 2 3s cabs? haha omg thats overkill

i’ll be there from like 11 ish till 3:20 ish
not all that time
but thats when im at york

Rey, Jimmy, Darko and I will be there tomorrow (the 8th) probably around 1:30pm and 2pm. It really depends how I feel when I wake up. Hopefully there is a good crowd for us tomorrow.

See you guys tomorrow.

Rey; let’s team up and not lose for the entire afternoon. Can you use C Groove? :devil:

I’ll try and make it tomorrow. Justin, you know you’re gonna lose to me in cvs1 and 2. Random Rey can’t handle it either :smiley:

Homemade porn girls!

haha he recruits wat he probably considers his major competition

so gay lol

and yeah… today was alrite… lots of new faces too… who was that akuma guy that raging demon’ed everyone about 5 times? was that frank or watever? cross-handed guys brother? aka guy that supplies jay with his porn?

I go to the Seneca@York and I was wondering what are the best days at the cove for games in the afternoon like after 2pm?

crux; no
thats "mr.cool"
thats my name for him
hes the coolest guy EVAR. his name is steven

Fuck that noise. Me and Jim will take you punks out… At CVS2 and at the wing eating!

Now that’s money!