York University Spring Semester 2005 Thread


I made this thread so people will stop cluttering up other threads with “when are you going to York?” and “GG’s with the people that live at York U every day.” (I’m probably paraphrasing a bit).


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I own cvs2


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I own it too…Or I used to own it. Jon lost it 2 years ago


I own it on DC both regular and CUSTOM (OOOOHHHH!). I have it on PS2 as well. Bitches…


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haha, yea, the york tourny thread currently turned into the York U thread.

And Justin i own you in cvs2. Both copies of your CvS2 I gave to you, plus my custom is better than your custom. I know cause i made both!

still looking for a PS2 Original though…


I own it on Xbox. What now!


no more a groove in cvs2 its back to P so who ever beat me at york yesterday those wins dont count


I dont own cvs2 at all sob sob


You were impressed by Darkdragon’s CvsS2 play??? York must really suck then…


gg gg gg!!!


jonstar and k-groove masta hittin up yorku tmr… MAYBE =o


jon… fudge, I’ll try my best to make it then. Haven’t played Jon in a while.


maybe I’ll drop by tomorrow…

big maybe

Tell Thomas to stop trying to use Champion Edition Bison in CvS2… :tup:


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Never! Hey i win with it dont i? Looks like its going to be an exciting day 2morrow.
P.S damn u gandhi i lost to u in the point system by 1.032 grrr!


aaaaaaah! nvm jason… jon isnt comming… my friend told me he was commin with jon, and i assumed he meant jonstar since they are friends. =(


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