York University Summer Semester 2005 Thread

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Not cyrus, blah. There were other random ppl playing cvs2 and 3s. but after a 8-0 run they stopped :tdown: .
This friday, im avaible. Gand, cvs2?

what are the days that alot of ppl play on? And theres a #r cab there right?

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#r is there, and yes stephen, it written in red. soo pretty :stuck_out_tongue:

Aiight i’ll c u tommorrow then, around noon-1

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Cove maintance

i made a small trip to cove on mon. THe place is a dead as a graveyard, but some random scrubs play. I loved playing this one dude in 3S who kept taunting me with ken every time he landed a throw. Any how, where im trying to go is that i whooped him dispite 2p side is BUSTED!
Mark fix that shit, theres no FP and FK. How i won? lets leave that to the FBI. (3s machine)
AND the coin slot for 2p in cvs2 is busted too. Some moron try to jam 2 quarters in at once… i managed to get one of the quarters out, but the other one wont budge.

u dont need a joystick to win with chun, tom =p

The sad thing is i didnt pick chun.

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With the weekly postponed and players still available, I’m going to hit York U tomorrow night (around 7:00pm) for casual. Anyone that’s interested please drop in. All I know right now is that Tom and I are going and it’ll probably be CvS2 because I’m not playing him in 3S. Any takers?

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I’ll be coming to York I guess since there’s no weekly. I’m kinda tired and don’t feel like making the long bus trip to Orbit anyways.

i’ll be there i think.

can we get dim sum after?

I’ll be there around 7:30pm (gotta make sure my parking is free). I was tempted to bail but I really need arcade practice.

GG’s with Jamie and Tom. I’d say GG’s to Kin but I only played him once (and won with Weapon X to boot). After that we just teamed up and beasted on Jamie and Tom.

I think Jamie was ready to break the machine on a few occasions when his c.mp xx super didn’t come out. :crybaby:

Tom falls for Roll Super over and over. :clap:

No one expects empty jump throw, or they expect it and tech too early/late (talk to Noodleman). :xeye:

I hate “The Sandwich.” :rolleyes:

Using R2 Vega on point just to be an asshole and take two characters. :badboy:

York U Marvel scrubs are worse than the former BCC Marvel scrubs. :tdown:

That York machine hates me.

Oh well, Kin couldn’t do Yun CCs cause of my jackassery. :tup:

Hey, the sandwich is awesome. Bread and butter. Like team break steak.

Lol, Balrog owns tom for free. Roll, roll, roll…super.

Lesson to be learn: when kin gets lvl 2, watch for roll super. Roll super > *
At one point of the match, the round was about to begin. Then the machine says, “FIGHT” and right away all i c is balrog starting up this lvl 3 drill super. I block it, and kin and justin are laughing their heads all. Me and jaime were like o.O? wuts going on.
We should has taped some of this, too much funny stuff happened after u left justin. I was going a on a good win streak with jaime and kin throwing out the most funniest punishments.