York University Thread (RIP Campus Cove)

Tomorrow is the opening day of the NFL Football season and as per tradition I’ll be at York Cove for the afternoon (1:00pm - 5:00pm) burning time before the game. I’ll be there with Vanny for a few hours. If you’re around campus then drop in. If you have the day off then pop by York Cove for a few hours.

Cyrus; are you still in school?

Stephen; will you be around tomorrow? If so then I’ll bring your camera. It’ll save me the trip to ORBIT on the 29th.

yes and i’ll see u guys there.

Watch out, this arcade might not even be there…:confused:

20 people will post saying how they can’t find the arcade.


if only someone just said how the arcade is in york lanes, right across of popeyes, and if u take the ttc, as u get off the bus, head to the nereast building, and u will see the entrance to the mall. and if u see a wendies and kfc u went to far, would there be no problems finding it for anyone.

if only there was a gudie to finding the super hidden Camouflaged stc arcade

That’s the other York arcade.

You guys are crazy cove closed down after T8 because stephen harassed them.:tdown:

too much blackness.

There’s an arcade at York Lanes now?

If i can find the arcade, i’ll be there.

If your not Gerjay or Jigga, i’ll most likely play some casual 2/3 for $5 MMs in Marvel.

GG’s with Quan, Cyrus, Vanny, Rey, Tom, Jay, and Sealhunta (sorry bud, I forgot your name).

Good to see Andrew, Tommy, and Joseph.

:rofl: Teddy beats Quan 5 straight and he leaves before any Money Match could do down. :rofl:

Teddy’s too good, i obviously can’t touch that guy in Marvel.

Teddy, $20 4/7? Its free for you.


ya i kept asking quan to mm me first to 10 for a hundred. guess he didnt hear me :S

Rain goes to yorku…true story

The CvS2 comp at york so far has ranged from really bad to alright. With the exception of Cyrus destroying me with the A groove cheese.

kgroove players calling other people cheese? :S
alright mate, i’d be happy to play with you any time i see you at cove. im sure ud like training. i’ll play any groove you ask me to.

Ok maybe cheese was a bad term, but sure I’ll be in the cove when I can.

Good games to everyone there.

Cyrus is a monster!

cyrus is a cvs2 scrub. bet it.

Show em’ how its done Nooooodleman.

The only thing noodleman can show people is his weenie…

… no not even that.