Yoshimitsu Cross Assault Tech



Yoshimitsu Cross Assault Tech Thread
Since SFXT is a team game it’s about time we had a thread for Yoshi Team Synergy and Team Tech.

Team Synergy
Yoshi can partner with pretty much anyone, what is important is most important is your partner nullifies your Yoshi’s weaknesses E.g Yoshi/Grappler to compensate for damage.
For more on this I highly recommend: Assisted Seppuku: The Yoshi Team Synergy Thread

Team Tech
Cross Cancel Tech
A lot of the cast have supers that can be easily combo’d after a Sword Poke Windmill E.g.Paul Pheonix.
Also check if your partner has a move that can cross cancel into Yoshi’s Super.
Learn how to capitalize on a cross cancel that has a Crumple, Juggle, Wall Bounce, Ground Bounce etc.
Yoshi has interesting Seppuku tech that can be found on this amazing thread: Assisted Seppuku: The Yoshi Team Synergy Thread

Cross Assault Tech
Cross Assault Shenanigans:
[]Sliding Headbutt + Overhead = Unblockable. Recommendation: Ogre’s “Meteor Smash”
]WIndmill into Partner’s command grab, recommendation: Gief’s Super
Not a true unblockable but with the timing right jumping won’t help.
When Sandwiching (opponent in between Yoshi + partner) you can do StoneFist/SlapSilly instead.
[]Repeated teleports to break your opponent’s guard when partner is attacking,
alternatively partners like Abel and Raven can return the favor.
]When Sandwiching, Medium Poison breath can be used to extend hitstun creating new combo possibilities for your partner and possible infinites.
[*]In corner or sandwich, you can charge windmill into super with the right partner doing a long combo.
Feel free to contribute and please bring any mistakes to my attention


We already have a thread like this: Assisted Seppuku: The Yoshi Team Synergy Thread

It’s nice to see other people contribute to the Yoshimitsu forums but a mod should lock or merge this thread to prevent confusion. Feel free to add your findings in the other thread if you want.

edit: Oh so this thread is more about Cross-Assault techs. You should probably rename it then.


Yeah i don’t see why I cant just add this to the team synergy thread and give you credit for what you typed. If you want me to add that just copy and paste your post into the team synergy thread and I’ll add it in to the main post so you can delete this one and add any new stuff there.

As for the ogre meteor smash + headbutt, pretty sure the game won’t allow that, especially if one is being blocked and the other hits at the same time. Cant create unblockables like in marvel.

I like the rest of the cross assault ideas though, especially the teleports to break guard.


Yeah I wanted to add this stuff there but I prefer more specific threads so there’s fewer replies to read through,
but if that’s the consensus I’ll gladly direct future tech to your thread instead.


Done. Dunno how to delete this thread though, will have to wait for a mod to help.