Yoshimitsu/Kunimitsu Combo Howto

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM0Z7Yr1xsA<br><br>At 3:21 is an AMAZING combo that I have no idea how to do.<br><br>As the slow motion starts it looks like Kunimitsu does a fire move and then, as the tag assault switches back to Yoshimitsu, he does some type of blade projectile. (BTW… you tournament heads have been sleeping on Yosh…)<br><br>Can someone break this down for me? (Specifically how to do the fire and blade moves)<br><br>Thanks.<br>

Is it even possible that only ONE PERSON saw this thread?<br>

blade move is an item move,  flame looks like an unblockable with that exclamation mark on hit.

Thanks! :)<br><br>Amazed he was able to hit an unblockable in the middle of a combo…<br><br>Which item gives you the blade move?<br>