Yoshimitsu's Oki Game (safe jumps, OS, setups, anti-rolls etc)

Thread to discuss Yoshimitsu’s okizeme (post-knockdown setups).<br>
</b><font color="#ff0000"><b>I will be updating this for ver 2013 in the days to come. Ignore everything  here except  the videos for now.</b><br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRoTWsZNSjQ<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsjSoWSmP0I<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3CElDJC7xk<br><br>Ignore the following written information (out dated).<br><br></font>
<b>Safe Jumps:</b><br>

  1. j.mk, cs.mp, st.lp xx L Gehosen, st.lk, st.mk xx M Gehosen > (hold up) nj.hp (hits meaty, able to block 3f reversals)<br>
    If they don’t quick recover, you can do: backdash, nj.mk or dash, bj.mk to cover Roll.<br>
  2. j.mk, cs.mp, st.lp xx L Gehosen, st.lk, st.mk xx M Gehosen > jump back, nj.hp. (hits meaty, able to block 3f reversals)<br>
    The same safe jumps are possible via partner’s cross rush/tag cancel but the timing might be different for the j.hp.<br>
  3. j.mk, cs.mp, st.lp, st.mk xx EX Poison Breath, cr.hk > fj.hp (need to be manually timed for it to hit meaty. Doesn’t work on 3f reversals)<br>
  4. (partner) cross rush > (Yoshimitsu) cs.mp, cr.hk > fj.hp (need to be manually timed for it to hit meaty. Doesn’t work on 3f reversals)<br>
    <b>Meaty HK Poison Breath:</b><br>
  5. j.mk, cs.mp, st.lp xx L Gehosen, st.lk, st.mk xx M Gehosen > jump back, backdash, H Poison Breath (beats pokes, jumps and some reversals)<br>
    On poke trades that leave you standing you can still combo into Super / st.mk xx Windmill / Sweep.<br>
  6. j.mk, cs.mp, st.lp xx L Gehosen, st.lk, st.mk, st.hp, st.hk (whiff cross-rush), block or EX SlapUSilly.<br>
  7. BnB, whiff Gehosen, block<br>
  8. BnB, whiff L Poison Breath, block<br>
  9. BnB, dash forward (once or twice), teleport back (punish if they whiff reversal).<br>
    <b>Potential of Flea Stance:</b><br>
  10. BnB, Flea Stance, high neutral jump (can beat quick recovery reversals)<br>
  11. BnB, jump back, Flea Stance, high neutral jump (can beat roll into reversals)<br>
    Jump over their body when they’re down, if they roll you can do super flea jump forward or Poison Breath.<br>
  12. BnB endinig with L Poison Breath instead of M Gehosen, Flea Stance, delayed neutral jump (can beat roll forward. If they fail to block you can combo into Slide Headbutt).<br>
  13. (partner) cross-rush > (Yoshimitsu) cs.mp, cr.hk > Flea Stance, jump back (can stuff some reversals)<br>
  14. BnB ending with Sweep > Flea Stance, duck or jump back (can avoid some reversals).<br>
    Best time to go into flea stance: hard knockdowns, Gehosen/Poison Breath juggle ender, after EX Windmill and after Super Art.<br>
    <br>Windmill/EX Windmill/Super to catch backdashes.<br>

Good shit. Great labwork. Thanks very much.


You guys do all the research, I will soak up the information and use it to build a giant cyber ninja empire!! MUWAHAHAHAH!!

Haha, great work as usual, Vulcan.

Nice video


Good to know. Can you whiff a light normal for better timing? I don’t have the game nearby or else I’d test it myself.

I tried that but didn’t have much success…

I think we should neutral jump just when the opponent is about to fall to the ground. Not entirely sure if all characters fall at the same speed though.


One of the most useful threads I’ve come across!
Yes! This is delicious!!

You know it’s funny I just realized I have yet to incorporate most of these findings into my game lol.

Right now all I’m doing after a knockdown is go into Flea Stance haha. I like experimenting with it too much. :slight_smile: But the safe jumps, meaty st.fierce, meaty H Poison Breath and cr.lk xx back teleport are all worth knowing imo.

Windmill is too risky because a lot of people know it loses to jump in attacks… But you can always use windmill cancels to bait jump ins I guess…

Is it okay if I forward this to a Yoshimitsu forum?

I’ll give credit ^^

Sure, I don’t mind.

Okay, thnx.
I, myself use flea stance if they’re in the corner.

You can time your jump to hit them completely like a regular cross-up or do an early jump to go straight into headbutt.

It isn’t that useful at all if they just mash 1 frame supers though

Not sure what you’re referring to. Post it here if you want.

Vulcan plays around with some poison breath setups in the video up there, also Lewis24 plays around with some in his video. I especially like the flea> poison breath setups.


More setups:

credit to lewis24 who showed us a few of these air target setups

  1. to setup the air target combo after partner’s launcher:

-(early or late) cs.mp xx LK Poison Breath, j.air target
-cs.mp, s.mk xx LK Poison Breath, j.air target
-cs.mp, s.mk xx LP Slap U Silly, j.air target
-cs.mp, s.mk xx s.hp, j.air target

Note: Some Launchers launch higher than others so that will definitely affect the timing (how early or late you need to end with the special). And the timing is pretty strict unfortunately. I’m still having trouble making the air target cross-up consistently enough. Usually the first hit of Yoshi’s air target combo will hit in front or whiff behind the opponent depending on the timing but also on if the opponent is holding back or not. If the opponent holds back (thinking you will jump in normally with j.hp) then the air target combo will cross-up and hit, otherwise it will whiff but still cross-up. If the opponent holds back and you screw up your timing, the air target combo will likely hit in front. The good news is it hits twice so it can still catch people off guard.

If the opponent doesn’t quick stand, jump back mk to cover forward roll.

  1. to setup Yoshimitsu’s overhead or Windmill after partner’s launcher:

-cs.mp, s.mk xx HP Slap U Silly, f.mk/Windmill

Ideally you want H SUS to hit 3 or 4 times. If it hits like 5 times, it will be harder to time the meaty overhead. But with only 3 hits, you can hold forward and mash mk and it will beat 3 frame pokes (if they quick stand of course). The meaty overhead obviously loses to wake up reversals but it can catch jump attempts or get you a counter hit.

Once you’ve conditioned the opponent with some meaty overheads after H SUS they might start doing more reversals. That’s when you can mix it up with Windmill to move Yoshimitsu back and avoid HP/EX Shoryukens.

If instead of quickstand > reversal the opponent decides to stay grounded to roll forward or get up normally, then you can try to jump back (empty) or try another overhead. The overhead doesn’t auto-correct so you kinda have to guess forward or backward but I think you can also wait to see them roll before going for the overhead.

Anything here still viable in 2013?

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href=“http://forums.shoryuken.com/profile/84368/shinobispectre”>shinobispectre</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Anything here still viable in 2013?</div>

I updated the first post with the most recent oki tech videos  (which is
still from late 2012 but most of it still applies).  Ignore everything
written for now. Just watch the videos.<br><br>Obviously j.hk isn’t techable anymore. And s.hk floats so its purpose as combo ender has changed.<br><br>And keep in mind that rolls are only punishable by throw but deny wake up options.<br>

Here’s a new interesting setup:<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LvYSysiFXk<br><br>Changes sides, +2 frame advantage.<br><br>-Mixup 1: Throw or frame trap with cs.mp / MP DP / Launcher / EX SUS<br>-Mixup 2: cr.lk or f.mk, mp. (f.mk is unthrowable and catches backdash. Beats crouch tech, loses to jab).<br>-Back teleport if you expect a reversal. Punish with cr.mp/smk xx Windmill xx switch.<br>-If they don’t quickstand, you can whiff cr.lp and then nj.hp for a 5f Safe Jump. Or whiff cr.lp and then walk back to grab the roll.<br><br>Working on a compilation video for post-launch setups in 2013.<br><br><br><br>

Here it is. These are the best “Post-Launch” setups (afaik) for 2013:<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmPM-y49Nws<br><br>I might have forgotten a couple of ones. But I purposely left out similar setups that basically achieve the same thing but less effectively.<br><br>Again, this is only for post-launch. So it doesn’t include solo setups, high/low post-switch, post-throw and post-sweep. Though now that I think about it, I should have included Super setups since you can Super post-launch. But whatever.<br>