Yoshinori Ono In Toronto: August 30th

I just read this today and thought people might care.

The creator and mind behind SFIV will be in this years Fan Expo.

Fan Expo 2009

You can read the article here.

Sunday at 4:00PM
The venue fee is $25 or i think they have a 3 day pass.
Don’t really care, just wanted to get a picture really.
Hopefully they give away stuff as well.

Edit: Get him to sign your TE stick to increase it’s value by another 200%


Wow… that looks like the most badass con ever. I wish I could go.

I think I’m gonna go … Who else is in???

was down there today. HOLY SHITE THERE’S ALOT OF HALO AND STAR WARS COSPLAYERS. But anyway it was a pretty nice set-up over all. Got some casuals in there in 3s, 4, halo 3, and the list goes on.

claw i was the asian dude that asked if you were bloodyclaw. haha

I lol’d at that fat bitch dressed like Naruto in the photograph slideshow.

was it as crowded as I thought it would be? that’s the main thing that discouraged me from going, I cant stand huge crowds. And stupidly overpriced food.

So did anyone meet the legend?

He didn’t exist.

It wasn’t that crowded to me, but I ended up showing up at 3.

Ono was pretty cool and he was walking around the show floor near the end if anyone else noticed.

I just wish I had brought something for him to sign, but it was a last minute thing on deciding whether or not to go.