Yoshinori Ono is now a corporate officer at Capcom Japan


I immediately exploded with laughter when I 1st read this news. I still find this a little hard to believe, but what does everyone else think about this? As bewildered as I am by this promotion, I do actually wish the guy good luck.


Why are you bewildered? Yoshinoro Ono was doing a fantastic job before


'Swear to God, I did the same thing. That said, as much as I don’t like his ideas on fighting game games, he did make Capcom alotta money in a really short time and I gotta respect that. Looks like we’re gonna see a lot more Ayano, whether that’s a good or a bad thing, remains to be seen.


Say what you will about the games themselves but the fighters he got greenlit/produced sold well. This lead to a lot more community involvement from Capcom and sponsoring events as well as throwing their own. He hit some rough spots here and there but overall he’s been a positive for Capcom.

It explains why he was showing off the Capcom stuff at the PS4 conference.

I’m just confused, this guy was in the hospital from exhaustion and from his twitter, sounds like he’s still rocking his old title and this new one.


I’m only surprised because of his frank interview in which he exposed Capcom for their terrible treatment of their staff.


Guy produces games that make his company money, gets promoted for it, and people want to act confused? As if he didn’t deserve it because they don’t like his game.

I wonder if he’ll be able to make changes, from this position, that’ll make things easier on the workers?


I respect it.


I’ll be honest, i certainly feel that some of his approaches on FG’s are questionable, but one thing that is sure is that he is passionate at what he does, and he seems to really care for what the fanbase wants and tries to please them, at least to certain point.
He also seems to enjoy what he does , takes his work seriously (while not goofing for PR purpose) and that is a plus on my book.


To be honest, i think that if he had better programmers to work with the games will have ended up in much better shape.


Ono’s trolling can now be on a grander scale. Awesome.

Also, doesn’t this give Darkstalkers a better chance of getting greenlit? If so I am all for this.


Ono got himself into a position where hopefully he can get a Darkstalkers sequel greenlight with little resistance.


Outside the fiasco that is/was SFxT, i think that SF4 was well programed overall, is just that there are design decisions behind it that make it what it is.
For SFxT i think that the project was kinda rushed, some of it problems come again from the design decisions behind the game, and others come from the inclusion of mechanics at the last minute or constant changes of them.


All I ask for is that they stop making stages that hog so much memory, negatively affecting the frame rate.


You can diss Ono all you want but SF4 got them sales and success and an army of western fanboys who eat that shit up.


True. And to be honest, even though he did kill real SF, Capcom was on his way several years before. The only reason ST didn’t suck already was they did not have time to screw it up. And even that is debatable, if you take HF diehards into account.

CvS and Darkstalkers are the next ones on the line.


He didn’t kill anything. Capcom just didn’t have most of the people who created the older games. It’s not a hard concept to grasp that new blood will tend to have trouble living up to the old guard.


Don’t bother. If it’s not SF2 it ain’t Street Fighter to him.


It amazes me how many people on SRK dislike Capcom. If it wasn’t for them i wouldn’t have gotten into fighting games as a kid in the 90’s.


Many many people on SRK dislike current Capcom. Capcom went down a craphole in this console generation


So…Darkstalkers 4…confirmed!!!

Also he deserves this.