Yoshinori Ono's thoughts on motion-sensing "Street Fighter" game on a Wii

You know you’d buy it if it will have Cammy or Chun Li as demonstrators.


This asshole will set in motion the trend that will kill FGs

Also, stay away from Darkstalkers you dickshit

I don’t understand how it will kill fighting games since fighting games are dead already

it was popular in the past because of it’s accessability, now you can argue games were complex (ST) but really compared to sf4 and blazblue ST has a flow to it that let’s it’s player feel like they are creating big damage without high execution skills. im surprised how deluded everyone is on this subject, there’s plenty of high execution fighting games and the better people become at them the more they will hunger to work on a medium that allows them to excel. that goes for simplistic games as well

this really has gotten out of hand and im just sick of hearing the ignorance now

That’s right, egg him on

When companies starts churning out FGs with “innovative” motion controls or whatever is the next layer of simplification, you don’t get to complain tho

think of it this way-

no ducks should swim because fish’s swim better

if we think this way then nothing will evolve, we’d just be stuck doing the same shit. maybe they shouldn’t of made arcade machines eh? because chess and backgammon is all we need

Fuck it! Fighting games are dead either way. Simplification “dumbs them down” while keeping them complicated drives away sales.

Wait, i thought SF4, Blazblue and Tekken 6 brought fighting games back to mainstream?

stop being so damn negative, fighting games as we know them are flawwwwweeeddddddd. it’s an old system that needs an evolution, why? because I could play an evolved version of chess (RTS games). fighting games as we know it is like a fancy version of checkers. the only evolution that fighting games can experience will be one fat fuckton of an evolution

just face it, our fighting games are fun but what’s in store for the future will blow you’re great great great grand childrens minds, because I must admit we are way too fucking stupid to realise it in our life time

^I think you mean bore our great grand children out of their minds, unless as a species we really are getting to stupid to learn games like people have been doing up until now and our grandkids will just be going for instant gratification instead.

This isn’t chess to strategy games, this is chess to checkers.

Nice. Yeah, with this stuff that Ono is pushing, our community won’t be interested in 5. Also, why do have people ignorant views on this subject just because they don’t want to see something they enjoy transformed into something they won’t?

I forget that sarcasm doesn’t come across too well on the internet.

It’s not enough some little scrubs can kick my ass with a wiimote.

No, let’s allow them to perform 50 hit combos by twirling their arms around and stomping the floor.

damn, fuck this shit, 1st rare with KI, and now capcom…

if its done well whats the problem, motion tech in the future might be a good way to go.

Can someone tell me what’s wrong if they actually do decide to make a SF spinoff with motion controls? Obviously SFV won’t be made this way because real SF games don’t need any of that motion sensing garbage. But I could totally see a Gem Fighter style game for the Wii using motion control catered to the more casual folks. While its something we would never get into, or even want, I don’t see a problem if they decide to release a title like this. If its the direction fighting games are going to take, then shit that really sucks. But if its a one-time casual title that won’t overshadow the real fighter scene, then I see no problem. Just another way for Capcom to make a quick buck, if it even sells at all that is.

how vein we are to think we can’t do any better than what we have now in the long run

I doubt 5 will be more simple than 4 and I don’t remember him actually saying anything of the kind

it sounded like sarcasm because you ignore the fact that we have fighting games coming out the arsehole, we have it attached to the same thought processing with how many being an accepted system universally?

vf? too boring

tekken? too odd

sf? perfect

gg? too complicated and weird

you’re not arguing with me here you’re arguing with evolution, the future will produce better work so stop stressing. btw I said fighting games are dead in the sense that there is nothing unique out there because if there was then they’re would be a HUGE social erruption, sf4 made a tiny fart because of the ultra’s, this is what excites the casual crowd, landing that ultra

seriously, just how much of a circulatory blood vessel are you guys to think something so outlandish

get ready for street fighter budokai tenkaichi.

just as long as they put 3s on xbla w/ ggpo netcode, i don’t give a fuck what they do with the series. i’ve given up on capcom.

ki Sama:

Uh, I’m pretty sure Tekken has great acceptance. It’s certainly been accepted for a longer period of time than SF has. SFIV may have put SF’s name back in the limelight, but don’t forget as it’s been dead since late 1998/early 1999 (SFA3, the last popular SF game; forget 3S, because that was never popular or even well known).

You know what else has great casual acceptance among fighters? Mortal Kombat. :expressionless:

re: control scheme

There’s a simple solution to this issue: Simply offer multiple control schemes. In fact, they really should bring back MvC-style easy mode. MvC was the most popular of the Vs. games here because its easy mode actually worked - people who didn’t know how to play had fun using it. Some migrated to using the regular mode and playing “properly”, but most never did and were simply content to pick easy mode and spam supers with Megaman/Ryu/Morrigan. I see no problem with wanting to get as many players as possible to play and enjoy your game.