You All Need To Calm Down

I’m just saying. It would benefit you. Feel free to thank me later for my life altering advice.



Damn this nigga drunk again.

Hai, keeping calm desu.


Jokes on you, I already ate it.

Jokes on you. You actually shit ready to eat chili.

Jokes on me, i ate some too :bluu:

I ate the chili, then shit the chili back into the pot. And then you fuckers ate it.

Now I’m angry again. How come none of your fucker saved me any chilli?

So does this mean there’s more on the way?

Aww gross you guys put chili in my poop no wonder I didn’t like it

Jokes on you, they already serve chili with shit in it at Wendy’s.

But seriously, they store their chili in buckets :sick:

Wendy’s chili is god tier for fast food man. Idgaf how much shit is in it.

as a former GM of a Wendy’s, you are wrong sir

not much to it, but what’s in it isn’t the greatest.

You take exactly 42 patties (depending on how busy you are, you either use the meat that fucked up aka cooked too long or you just cook like 42 patties all at once). Then you put that in a double broiler pot (huuuuuge), and you add 2 giant ass cans of beans, a giant ass bag of veggies (celery and peppers and onions, diced infinitely small), a giant ass can of crushed tomatoes, a giant ass bag of chili spices, water, and stir it all up and cook it for like 4 hours. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s still pretty good.

What kills it, is that it’s incredibly good when you initially cook it, but in order to save money, around lunch time they start watering it down to make it last longer, so you end up just getting literally watered down chili anytime after lunch. And I am not talking about barely watering it down. They go 50/50, and just take half a pan of chili and add half a pan of water and mix it up.

I worked at wendys for a year

Still my fave fast food place. Ill never eat mcds again tho

They would be better if they had a slightly bigger menu. I remember when I worked there, I asked head office to start selling fully loaded fries (I used to take a salad bowl, fill it with fries, top with sour cream and chives and cheese sauce and bacon bits from potatoes we sold), and it was great, but they wouldn’t do it, even though it required zero actual work and we already sold the product/ingredients in store