You are a big fool! A Gen CMV

Hey guys, i tried my hand at doing a few of those awesome gen combos after learning to piano and change forms while in a move. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and as always, thanks for watching!

Good job putting this all together; execution and everything.

But honestly, if you were going for a different look/feel of Gen combos/technology, it’s nothing new or special. In fact, I’d say only a small percent of these combos are practical. And I seriously hope you don’t do these in serious matches :\

I incorporated most of the stuff that i thought was really cool with gen like the multiple stance changes in a single combo, although most of this stuff would never work in a real game i think it would be really sick to do some unreal 28 hit combo in a real tournament match :smiley: Thanks for the feedback!

Once in a while blowing ur opponent with combos really mind fucks them. Nice vid bro.