You are being shagged by a rare parrot


I didn’t know birds could have expressions, but the look on that parrots face is just pure bliss

Pretty Awesome.

Hahahahahaha. The parrot’s facial expression rules. He’s just happily humping him, whilst slapping the shit out of him too.

It’s friggin hilarious too how he takes a swipe at the girl @ 1:31

It was boring till he started humping him. Hilarious.

this made me smile :slight_smile:

Pretty cool parrot smacking that guy around. But that parrot must be blind to think that guys head is a parrot.

I like how the other people just stand there and laugh.

:rofl: shares video with office Hilarity ensues. Thanks for this.

I would just do that too :china:

lol the bird is like: ‘well, well, what have we here?.. this bitch is kinky, brought cameras and shit. You want a porno ill give you a porno’