You are..........NOT THE OWNER! Judge returns house to owner post morteum


If you haven’t had your woman hater fill yet, get your knife and fork out.

I don’t usually post it, but I think SRK can make this laughable. Don’t prove me wrong people.



This Shakesperean tale certainly did turn out to be a tragedy, but you know how the saying goes: Moore money, Moore problems!


Moore or less.


I must say, one DOES get tired of all these modern interpretations of Shakespearean Tragedies. :confused:


Oooooooooooooooooooo what does this button do Dexter?


well history does show that Abraham did smash black women

oh wait…


:rofl: DONT TOUCH THAT DEE DEE!!! Ends up dead. In this ending, she didn’t get to play in the laboratory after Dexter’s demise.



Does this take place in Florida? Check.


Do we really need moore Florida threads?


This thread is about to get derailed off of its moore-ings.


We need @hotobu to come in here and give us some moore recipes.


i guess the saying, the moore the merrier isn’t really applicable in this scenario.


Moore original quotes, less auditing. :coffee:

You’re getting worse than g00dy, Eric.

At least he’d own his posts, after I literarily (pun’s too good not to use) killed him.

And unlike the literally home icidal person in the OP, I didn’t even have to let him shake his spear in me, to set him up.

…it’s going to come down to a matter of who gets to a thread first isn’t it?

Squatters’s rights, is it?




I’ll be the judge of that