You bet I can rewrite history. (Civilization 5: The Thread)

I know there are some Civ fans on these boards and I’ve been getting pretty excited about Civ 5. Pete Murray said so far:

-Hexagonal tiles. Used primarily for more complicated combat decisions.

-Forcing tiles to support one unit at a time. No more stacking units on top of each other. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

-“Bombardment” attacks in combat. There will now be more choices to attack tiles from more than one tile away.

-City-States. There will be civs in the game that will have one city and will never expand beyond that. They will be able to be conquered, traded with, or interacted with just like any other civ. They will also be implemented in the new…

-Improved diplomacy/AI system. City-states acting like separate civs will create a more entangled web of diplomacy. The AI will also remember things for longer periods of time and be more inclined to be purposefully deceitful. Just because you ally with a city-state your other ally is trying to conquer and they seem to be cool about it doesn’t mean that they are. They will also be very aware of you setting up military bases around borders, etc. The AI system is being touted around by the devs pretty hard core so I’m interested to see if their promises live up to the reality.

-Steamworks. Steam is going all-out on supporting this game. They will allow you to trade custom scenarios, skins, they will place you in same-skill multiplayer matches…the amount of features is actually quite mind boggling. I’d recommend checking out the list of implications that this has, but Civ 5 WILL require Steam.

-A fully-supported modding community with even a gallery for the in-game UI to show off mods you could download for your own game.

I’m pretty excited for this. Anyone else?

Yep. Civ IV was awesome, this should also be fun.

Yeah I loved Civ IV and I am REALLY looking forward to this one, since they have removed SoD and that hopefully should speed up the game.

I’m interested to see how city states work along with the greater emphasis on diplomacy, hopefully its different from culture, since I hated losing to my friends who just stacked up on culture.

I read somewhere that they are redesigning or removing religion, which is kinda sucks since I used religions to keep my cities happy lol.

I just started playing civ4 and it still way over my head.

Played 3 & IV…Shit was amazing, i bought Civilization Chronicles…Cant wait for this…

So the Civ 5 website went live not too long ago shows which civs are in the game and whatnot.

Also, new screens and whatnot are showing up from E3