You better do what I say


Alright, listen up. You know who I am. And you know what I want.

Now take off your panties. Do it. Now.


I’m pretty sure I could kill you. Just so ya know.


Are you threatening a fucking officer of the law?
whips out taser

You want some of this shit, huh? Do you? No? Then shut the fuck up and do as you are told. Take off your fucking panties and stand up against the wall, spread your fucking legs so I can search you.




smacks you upside the head with my big black nightstick

Keep that shit up, and I’ll smack the taste right out of your sissy ass fucking mouth.


Herpy Durr, Derp Derp Durr.


Well you certainly exhibit the arrogance of what you’re pretending to be. All the more reason to kill you.


He’s right you know?
Stop wasting the space in the forum section with pointless threads.


Fuck the police!


Take your spam some where else.

I for one would like to see a new sheriff around these parts.


It’s obviously just a troll guys. Calm down and laugh at the people who take it seriously.


I don’t know why, but my eyes burned when I saw your avatar.


I am pretty sure that this guy is a real cop. Why wouldn’t he be?


Practice what you preach…


I felt the same. Yours isn’t even funny.


Last guy who said that, got put away in the Penn, and is currently being gang raped by members of MS-13.


Oh, by the way, you think I’m arrogant huh? Sure would be a shame if you called 911 and we didn’t show up. After all, fuck us pigs, right? You make me fucking SICK. I’ve seen things that would shatter your fucking mind, all in the line of duty and protecting people like YOU.

Tell you what kid, you go do what you do best(playing nintendo, jacking off to anime girls who look underaged), and I’ll go do what I do best, which is busting up criminals and keeping our fucking streets safe. Behave, or Imma have to arrest your ass in about 5 years when you finally grow up.


Replying to this thread is gonna have to wait until I’m done smoking this blunt that I’m admitting to smoking with an officer of the law right here watching me admit to it.


I’m going to let you off with a warning this time. I suggest you get off the drugs son. We raided this place once that sold pot. Oh pot is harmless, right? Never hurts anyone? It expands your mind? Well we ran in there, and found some guy on top of some 14 year old girl raping her. Shot him right in the head.

Pot causes rapes. Do you want to be a rapist?


Judging from his avatar the answer is yes.