You can now leave feedback to buyers and sellers *eBay style!*


Many of you have probably not seen it yet or don’t know what it is. Wiz put up a new feedback profile where you can leave buyers & sellers a positive or negative feedback depending on how they did (ie. quick payment, quick shipment, accuracy etc…)

You will notice that under your name, it shows “feedback score”. Obviously, the more you have, the better. This will eliminate bad sellers that lie and also bad buyers that don’t pay and such.

How to leave feedback
After a transaction is complete, you click on the person’s name and click “view profile”. Then you click on “view full profile” and at that point, you can submit feedback for that user.

You MUST link to the thread that you bought/sold from and if you leave a negative, please leave a full explanation why.

If you have any questions, post in here. I will make an FAQ for all the questions you guys have.


Abuse of the feedback system will result in loss of Trading Forum access. In other words, dont do it.


What if there is no link? For example i wanted Tatsunoko vs Capcom in my Preggy Sale & someone pm & i bought it but did not post in my thread…How am i suppose to link that? Should i just post in my Preggy Sale that insert name sold me TvsC?


its a link to the sale thread, not the post that bought it or sold it. Just the entire thread in general


This also means, please don’t delete your first post anymore when you’re done with a sale. Ask us to close it but don’t delete, you never know when you could need the reference.


am i the only person that gets a 404 message every time i click on someone’s name? this has been going on since about a month after we got profile pages :-/. i figured out i have to physically copy/paste “member.php?u=” in before their number on the location bar to get to their profile, but that’s the only place i can navigate. every where else gets me a 404.


So you finally got iTrader. Nice.


cool idea…makes me want to make a transaction just so i can have 100%


Question, is there any way that I can give feedback if the person I am giving feedback is not the original creator of the thread? After the thread creator ran out of the item in question, one of the guys ended up acquiring more to resell for the SRK members, using the thread creator’s topic. Would he need to create a new topic before I could give him feedback or is there any workaround to this? The thread in question is Thanks.


well that guy should have made his own thread so he could sell his own stuff… but you give the feedback to the guy who you bought from.

just give him feedback and link to toodles thread.


The thing is you can’t. I guess there’s some sort of exception handling that prevents me from giving feedback to someone that isn’t the topic creator of the thread that I linked, because I get thrown an errror that the URL thread is invalid. Since this is a fairly new feature, I thought I would bring it up so all of the possible scenarios can be fleshed out and the appropriate ways to handle them for the upcoming FAQ, or if any changes to the code are necessary to make this possible.


well that feature is there so you cant just link to a random thread for feedback i guess… tell him to make a thread because he should.


I’m glad we got this now. Makes checking ref’s a lot simpler.


So do we start contacting people who we had trades with in the past or are we starting fresh? I also would like to neg someone who ripped me off, what happens if he retaliates?


If transactions were recently then I guess it would make better sense to exchange feedback.

Retaliate how? Over a neg there would be little point to make that much of a fuss.


I neg him for ripping me off & wasting my time…He would neg me right back…Kinda like ebay…Sometimes you fear to neg someone for retaliation…


I asked Wiz about this EXACT scenario because I knew it would come up quick. So far, mods here don’t have authority yet to modify feedback. Only Wiz does so if he negs back for no reason, you have to contact wiz


I’m having the same issue right here. Toodles gave me a sweet headband in the deals thread ( but I can’t leave him feedback saying he was awesome because he didn’t make the topic.

Can this be fixed?


uh, ebay hasn’t been like that for a while. Sellers can’t even leave buyers anything besides positive feedback now…


What about items we bought solely with Pm’s? I bought a stick from imitrex after I met him on here but we never made a thread about it. However I have pictures of it in another part of the board. Can we only give feedback on items we actually purchased in the tradeing forums, or is there a way around that? Seems aslong as we bought it in srk we should be able to give feedback. I have bought 3 sticks on this site without useing the tradeing outlet