You can really, REALLY tell when your opponent has faced a 2012 Hakan now

Motion Characters:
Pre 2012? Rush Hakan down
Post 2012? Back away

Pre 2012? Down Back son. All day. GET AT ME!
Post 2012? No yank’ems for you son. Backin’ out so I can zone you.

pre 2012? Im coming for you!!
Post 2012? Im coming for you… cautiously…

just my 2cent.

i have not fought a decent hakan to this day, but i have always been scared of hakan. i always try to overwhelm hakan players or lame it out if they know how to deal with my shenanigans. he’s really under-explored and i feel anyone using him can find a ton of stuff that nobody else will know for quite sometime. now that he actually starts oiled up, this guy is officially a threat. year of the oil indeed.

I still go in there and body him for free because hes not Liquigen.

Lool, ok. Whatever you say.

I’m juss keepin’ it ruhl bruh!

hakan really isn’t that scary in this game. he just gimmicky. the day I play a solid hakan is the day Ill say hes scary