You Cannot Dodge What You Cannot See: Unblockable








Unblockable vs ibuki

nice! Don’t get mad at this poor poor fellow player but… would you mind writing also just a sentence to describe what you do? Like… back throw - forward Mantis jump mk… and timing…





Ibuki: Corner only, Forward throw, wiff Fierce hands Jump MK (Mantis) you have to hit here right below the shoulder to be unblockable, even when blocked you still have frame advantage.

Rufus: Backthrow, Walk back a little and jump mk (mantis) the kick has to be at the earliest possible frame to hit meaty (quite hard to land but safe)

Gief: Same as rufus but not safe (Lariat will blow you Away)

Vega: The easiest, back throw, walk back 5 frames ( time it takes to change stance) and jump MK, you dont have to hit it early, Vega has very funny hitbox while walking forward the solid box (collision) rises high and you hit in front, holding back reduces the hitbox making you land behind

Sakura: Backthrow, earliest ex oga, has to hit meaty to be unblockable


Viper: you have to time the jump so that your first active frame has you slightly in front, the timing is shorter than vega but its harder to hit, the only way Viper can escape is with ex burn kick.

Vega: hard to hit, not advised but can be used to show off, not really much I can say.

@Schiff you know you are a pro, you know all this man. I am trying to find for Balrog but its just hard


NJ on finding the setups. I’ll try to help when I have time.

Against Ibuki and Guy, forward throw in the corner -> forward dash * 2 -> mantis fj.MK is an unblockable, and is really simply to do. It should be possible with HK Gekiro as well or airborne hit mantis U2 as long as they get pushed to the corner. The latter two would require different timing, so you cannot just do forward dash * 2

The hardest challenges would be to find the unblockables for Gen, Boxer and Dee Jay. Oh and Cody too.


Thanks Street11 much appreciated, I wish I can get some unblockable for most knockdowns lol! if only for Vega hahaa, so you found one for Honda/?


Include Honda for the hardest challenge list. When he is blocking his hurtbox rises UP and doesn’t shrink. I don’t think we’ll be able to find one against him.


The crane mk also works. But it becomes a soft unblockable. And can be block by hight with a little delay.
Tks street11, I have try the hk gekiro ___ dash____plinking the crouching hp_____mantis jmk . It is unblockable as well.
By the way ,could you tell me what`s the reason of the unblockable ? Why does it works?


From what I’ve seen, for something like a meaty unblockable (Ibuki in this case), it works because the blocking motion alters their “centre of mass”.

The cross-up and non cross-up state changes depending on whether they try to block it or not.

No 100% guarantee on this info, but this was the best I could come up with after messing with characters with “soft unblockable” and a meaty unblockable.

Forward throw -> well timed forward walk -> LK Oga -> far kick follow-up is unblockable on T. Hawk. And it works as a meaty so he cannot crouch it (as long as it’s perfectly timed). If you go “too meaty” (1 frame left before you go past him and whiff the kick), he can block it as a cross-up. Reversals whiff. Hits him out of backdash iirc.


More Unblockables


Credit to Street11, forward throw double forward dash jump medium kick (mantis)


I apologize for my low quality footage. its due to my low spec PC (B rating with lowest possible setting lol!)

Well you are totally right, from my extensive testing with Vega it seems when you hold forward the “center of mass” (square blue line detection box) rises up and shrinks slightly when he blocks lol! about ibuki and guy I think its because of the restriction of the wall pushes Gen back a bit in order to make it unblockable


Maybe you should record the Yun and Yang unblockables? I’m not sure if they’re common knowledge or not since I never check these forums, but it’s forward throw, LP Rollie Pollie, Jump MK (Crane).

Btw, what you’re doing here is totally sick. I needed this kind of info for my gen; been losing interest in him since ryu is so solid :frowning:






Nice. Just for info, the Ibuki and Guy unblockables are not found by me and were known since quite a while ago.

To elaborate on “centre of mass”, I was meaning that their centre moves left and right depending on whether they make a blocking motion or not, and applies to only the meaty unblockables. Vega is different in a manner that his hurtbox itself shrinks, allowing Gen to go past him right before making contact.


Ok, well for me you found it lol!


This one is an illusion unblockable, it can be crouched lol!


Tks again. The first time I saw the unblockable infomation is from japanese atwiki. “” Though it is write in Japanese.
After transalation by my friend.
The page only mention the following unblockable with the jmk.
Aganist Yun &Yang: it’s forward throw, LP Rollie Pollie, Jump MK (Crane).
Aganist Seth: it’s forward throw in the coner(or near the coner), dash, crouching mk(mantis),jmk(mantis).
Aganist ibuki and guy: it’s forward throw, dash twice, jmk(mantis).
The other unblockable used the oga which can be missed by the crouch…
But this web site has not upgrade for a quite a long time…>_<


Great~~~For vega. Is the unblockable soft or hard? I feel is soft. Is there any mistakes in my timing?


Well if by soft means you can frame block it then yes, I tried blocking it but I could only do it twice and it was random. Maybe there’s a sweet spot for hard but I haven’t tested it fully yet. My PC skips frames (50 FPS at best) so its hard for me to pinpoint stuff. Will check out the seth and others and upload them too ASAP. Thanks for the info.


Agree .It is really difficult to block. Looking foward your upload. :slight_smile: