You cant be serious


I thought this was supposed to be a “community” a place where we could all come to discuss our love for fighting games and what not. I’m an honest dude who just wanted some insight from my fellow “community” about a thought that I had about a particular game. BUT NO. instead I get shit from some of you because you may or may not have seen a similar thread in the past. what for? YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME… yes the thread may be similar…well gee ya think? some of us might have the same thoughts an opinions as one another. if i posted in the wrong section im sorry. why could it just have been moved to the appropriate one? no instead I gotta sit here and read your bullshit comments, get called names, get an infraction ( how the fuck does that work when I was the one being attacked) and my thread closed. what a joke. This is a prime example of whats wrong with the fighting game community. stupid people fucking it up for the rest of us. people like “you” who talk shit after winning a match. poor sportsmanship and sad individuals as a whole. so FUCK the community and all of you in it who don’t contribute shit to begin with. This site is a joke… go ahead and do whatever because I wont be visiting this poor excuse for fighting game site ever again. straight up disgusted right now…


ahh the sexually frustrated.


good we dont want you back


I don’t get it.




I agree. Don’t comeback. Oh yea and…u mad? lol


And here I thought Jersey had tough guys…


chill out dude


boo hoo


Most people are more than happy to help provided you use some common sense before posting. Your attitude is terrible, you won’t be missed.


Eventhubs claims another victim :frowning:


Srsly whats happening here?



FGC, starts with Fighting, ends with Community.