You can't Block forever, H to S invincible moves?

So, we all have our copy of UMvC3, we’ve all played with Virgil, the thing I noticed is that if an opponent is blocking, you can endlessly string together H to S and back again to make sure that they can’t get out of it, quite literally making them locked up in Block Stun the whole time. If they crouch, you can call an Over-Head assist to strike them, or if you’re feeling mix-up-ish, you can have an assist attack low while you jump upwards and overhead yourself. Very Interesting.

What do you guys think?

Edit: Never mind, Advancing Guard.
Edit again: Even with Advancing Guard, Vergil’s reach keeps him looping it. You can bait it out pretty good.

advancing guard

… Man, why didn’t I think of that.

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Be weary of people baiting advance guard with H>S>H>S loop.

I actually went over this again, and as Shin Oni said, Even with Advancing Guard, Vergil’s reach is ridiculous and it keeps right on going. Plus you can bait out into Trick and just get the drop on 'em via teleport.

I’m calm, just don’t like new members creating threads without looking over the old ones first.

Repost from Vergil General thread:

Vergil’s stand S is normally -13, but is -7 after being push blocked.
Vergil’s Upper Slash (H after S) is normally -8, but is -2 after being push blocked.
If you do S-H and the opponent push blocks at S, your H will whiff and you will be at -7 frames total.
If you do S-H-S and the opponent push blocks at H, your S will whiff and you will be at -17 frames total.

The above calculations for whiff are assuming you are just repeatedly chaining Upper Slash without delay. If you delay an input to catch your opponent’s push block and they happen to push block right before your next attack comes out, you will be at a greater disadvantage (-14 or -24, respectively). In other words, if your opponent can perfectly time their push block with your input, they can potentially make the string more punishable, though this is practically impossible. If you’re just mashing the string, pushing at the H is prudent. Pushing the S will make it somewhere between difficult and impossible to punish the string.

Advancing Guard is not a cure all for getting around this string. The H can still be canceled into specials on block and it sports nice block stun. It’s also 5 frames to start, so it’s possible to frame trap between S and H. Delaying the cancel and messing with the timing can get you some nice results. I don’t think it’s a strategy that is overpowered or one that you should abuse, but it can be put to use.

Thank you for playing the role of White Knight here Titanium.

So playing with this some more, the effective set ups are endless, as you can call an assist, cancel heavy into a special, then immediately try jumping on top of, or behind, your opponent so that the blocking becomes ‘slightly’ more difficult for them. If you’re a Mindgames heavy player like I am, this can make all the difference.

It’s a lot of fun against people online who don’t seem to know about pushblocking. Just spam it and call Jam Session over and over.

Can’t you just do S -> assist + H xx trick L or M?.. seems like a free mixup

and since helm breaker can be cancelled into S… this can lead to a free left right mixup after a blocked helm breaker … dunno if this has been said alrdy tho

a better thing to take note of is that you can delay the follow up H reeeeeeeeeeeally long and catch a lot of people off guard. play with that.