You can't fool the master of the fists: The set ups AGAINST Akuma thread

So we love talking about all the set ups Akuma has to mix up the opponent, but I thought it would also be a good idea to start listing the set ups opponents have against Akuma so we can defend against them. I know it is easy to teleport out a lot of times, but as you face better opponents you can’t teleport out of every situation and sometimes you have to block or use another escape.

I haven’t compiled a list just yet, but when I do I will update the thread. If you have any set ups to report feel free to post them.


In the corner
After Forward Throw Timing: dash LK Pinwheel
After Sweep timing: cl.LK
j.MK = True Cross up
j.HP = Fake Cross up[/details]

Reserved just in case

Dictator vs Gouki

Middle screen:
After Backthrow : dash > delay > jump HK : Unblocable

Cammy unblockable vs Akuma: Back throw > whiff standing MK >

You have like one frame to block it correctly as a cross up (you have to block just as she’s going to connect her attack), her spinning knuckle attack or whatever it’s called can be used as an OS to catch teleports.

It seems like crouching and blocking as a cross up at the last second gives you 2 frames to block it according to this video:


keep in mind i made this vid 18 months ago. i have a better os against akuma now.

What are the other OS’s? I’ve actually seen late jump in fierce with OS U2/ex-tatsu, but I can’t get it to autocorrect against backwards teleports.

i have a few other ones against akuma, i’ll try to make a video this weekend :slight_smile:
none of them involve a late jump in fierce (aka safejump) because akuma can anti air all safejumps. my other OS is a variation of the video i posted above and my other OS involves a crossup tatsu OS U2 autocorrected :smiley:

hi guys. ive made a new video on how to OS Akuma on wakeup.
let me know what you think!


Nice video, though it’s fair to say that if a Gouki player goes with U2, all those OS will get you killed xD

U2 is the better ultra against him anyway imo. Not likely you will AA demon him because of his EX air tatsu and Ken’s Focus Attack is really shitty, so not so crucial to protect your sweep.

U2 is trash against Ken.

Wouldn’t be so critical about it, I love U2 in many match-ups. I still prefer to use most of the time U1, but if I see, for example, that a Ken player is consistently trying to punish my teleports with OS, I’ll pick U2 anytime of the week over U1, and punish him for 400 dmg for trying to be smart… You call that trash? I sure don’t D:

I would be because I know the way that you can make U2 worthless.

There is one major OS that U2 can’t protect against and it happens to be the best one…OS Jump.

Good Ken Players will just OS jump (Because frankly outside of Ultra the rest of his OSes against teleport are average) and land in range to sweep, Tatsu, Ultra, etc and you can’t punish it with U2. At that point U2 is just taking up space that U1 can cover which U1 is useful in the match up.

I would rather have both the random fact that U1 can provide in addition to the ability to punish kara-focusing that Ken players love to do. When I get U1 he has to respect my sweep.

Dont forget the Ibuki unblockable off ex neckbreaker.

ex neckbreaker > mk command dash > delay