You Couldn't Make This Up..KKK Member Who Killed 3 Ppl, Caught With a Black Transvestite Prostitute


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TYT vid


I wonder if they both prefer men with a hood.


Looks like he had some black in him after all…


Is this the same guy that said “I lured him with the intention to beat him up but he started flirting and one thing lead to another” or was that another KKK member with a male black prostitute?


Dunno why he paying dudes to fuck him when he can just fest up to the crimes he commited and get a ton of action for gratis. Also Grand Dragon? What a bad ass title to have. Imagine walking into a bar and introducing yourself as a Grand Dragon? Probably get knifed but damn thats hot.


Dat “Strom Thurmond” hypocrisy, I’ve been laughing at this for the past 5 minutes.

The KKK being against homosexuality and he was caught with a black tranny is the icing on the cake, or on his cakes for that matter.


Racists are some of the most confused people alive. There shouldn’t be any surprise.


Takes off crown

Best tranny story ever.


I wonder what the ranking system is, I mean do they lose like 200 player points for every L they take?’

if I was a ken player id want grand dragon as my title


Apparently alot of it.


Maybe he was a big Eddie Murphy fan. I don’t judge.


you have no idea



Why would you need to make it up? People with the most intense hatreds of something are trying to hide who they are/what they like because of social stigma.

My friend’s cousin used to gay bash, with a baseball bat.

Years later, guess who is gay…



I knew it!!! I knew baseball was gay!


… and then people think the Jerry Springer show is 100% scripted. This old weirdo just proved them wrong.


Isn’t this how every anti gay, anti any other race, murika is #1 simple fuck ends up?


Why are the most bigoted usually the closet freaks for the things they hate. Has there ever been a psychological paper or study on this. Reminds me of that porn survey that showed "ebony"was the most searched thing for in the south which is usually where you would find the countries biggest racist.


Years back they did a pretty hilarious research project where they gave all these guys a questionnaire to determine how homophobic they were. After that they strapped them down with a bunch of equipment to measure their biologic arousal response while watching gay porn.

They found a strong correlation between homophobia and arousal to gay stimuli.

So take heart black people. This means the KKK secretly loves you and wants to have sex with you.


Hate and love are two sides of the same coin. Its proven that people that are angry are just horny


So would this whole thing constitute a true hate fuck?