You did not earn a trophy


Just wondering if this little message affected anyone else during tourney.

While it was pretty annoying, it was for the most part a non-issue during play. But during one match of mine the message lagged the game for however many frames during my combo (lk tatsu>shoryu) and my shoryu just did not come out at all.

Just felt like it needed to be pointed out for future events.


It was annoying as hell. I noticed it caused A LOT of lag most of the time. It was also distracting as hell.

Between this and generally poor and unorganized refs during the pools, pool play felt really sloppy all around. My favorite moment was when a player paused the game. The ref didn’t even know the rules. Instead of giving the guy a round DQ right off the bat he asked the other players what they wanted to do lol. He didn’t even know the rules. Plus I got sick of waiting for some matches for over an hour because refs wouldn’t DQ people for not showing up. Where did they get these guys?


He asked the crowd what to do? LOL Are you serious? :lol:


Yeah, it was during one of Renzo’s matches. It was ridiculous.


The trophy glitch evidently messed up a couple matches by causing lag and breaking combos. Hopefully by this time next year Capcom releases some sort of patch/update to allow full unlock without requiring glitched systems. :sad:

<3 to Deezo whose Boxer combo was broken up by the useless “You did not earn a trophy!” announcement.


it was definitely a distraction. plus it did freeze the game ever so slightly sometimes, it was really obvious. i was in pool 23, i look to my left to pool 22, and i saw the screen randomly black out a couple frames when the message showed up. luckily buttons were just being tested when it happened. but i felt it was definitely a problem. at minimum, it was a definite distraction


What exactly is happening when that message comes up? It just seems so arbitrary.


all i know is that it doesnt happen on retail copy. i think these were non retail builds since i distinctly remember that pop up in ces vids before the game was out on console. it was probably a placeholder before the trophies were implemented into the game. just a guess


Actually, I don’t know if you know what happened, but in Pool 23 there were some controller issues. The pad players (SixCrapsis) were getting synced to the consoles and then there were random pauses and even a crazy quick reset.


you were the judge right? yeah man, there were hella issues. i got that random pause against the sagat player which said it was my side(it said 1p pause on the screen, shitty), even tho i was getting comboed and doing nothing on the stick, plus it was a te stick and the start button is on the backside. i was like “htf could i have possibly paused this?” which really blew cuz it cost me the match. Then the whole CJ debacle.

but this is just an entirely different issue that needs to be dealt with, if it’s even possible =/


Definitely. But I was getting pissed at that too because I was sitting on 2P side and I always briefly look up to see my HP and then when that pops up, it throws me out of my game.

That and missing FADC’s that I shouldn’t be missing.


Why does this happen? Are retail copies of the games being used? The PS3 consoles are retail, right? Are they debug kits?


Hey Slash, did you know?


The no trophy earned messages on the Asus monitor setups were pretty bad imo, it caused random lag and combos either don’t come out or you get a whiffed tatsu or dp. I thought the problem was going to be fixed in semis but it didn’t. The NEC monitor on the stage also lags a bit, I notied it immediately after playing a match durning the 5on5 exhibition. At least the lag on the NEC monitor is consistent so people who are used to play online should have no problems.


yeah the tv on screen was a little off possibly. if anything, it was pretty slight. i couldnt feel it immediately, but when i had trouble doing short hk into s.short with sak, i was wondering if it was the tv or if it was just me. either way, it was enough for me to avoid doing short hk, s.short, fierce dp for all my matches up there, especially after i fucked it up big against gootecks in the 5on5

the asus monitors were just fine i think. it was just the trophy screen kept causing problems


we didn’t seem to get the issue at all in pool 18. if we did, no one pointed it out or seemed to have much of an issue with it.


When I fought Skye during pools, I hit him with an ex headbutt, and the message came up and the game had a real nasty lag spike. Luckily I was able to adapt to it in time. It was problematic but it wasn’t detrimental in any of my matches.


I believe the message popped up because the games were not logged in as someone who could earn achievements


it happened on the left ps3 in that pool, but not the right one. the right one originally didn’t work until someone lended their ps3 for us to use.


ditto guys i got a couple of freezes