You don't get a win from ragequitters?!

Just played a ranked match on ps4 against a pc player. He left during the second round and the game didn’t give me a win I checked my profile its like the match didn’t even happen. I hope at least he got a loss so that this kind of thing will be discouraged.

Havent had anyone quit on me but if thats true LTG will be getting hella hype

you don’t get a win if someone quits on you , and i’m pretty sure the quitter don’t get a loss either.

That’s really bad if there is no penalization for quitting. It just gets dicey if the reason is a connection drop or something legit like that. There should still be something?

It’s pretty unreal that they still haven’t implemented a penalty for rage quitting. It’s like they gave us beta 5 instead of the full game.

I had several disconnects tonight that probably seemed like rage quits from the perspective of the other player. Servers have been so fucked that I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

If people quit it’s like the game never even happened. They can even lose and then quit afterwards, as long as they do it quick enough it STILL won’t count.

It’s lame as hell.

Give 1 FM for a loss. Everybody wants that FM.

Matt Dahlgren talking about cheaters on SFV last year…

You know, I find it really astounding the amount of bullshit this dickhead can produce from his own mouth…

No penalty at all for quitters? After all that talk? I guess online has so many issues they didn’t have time to spend on basic features. Game’s out in March anyway =/

All 3 of my perfects were robbed from me.
Some guy was screaming at me on his mic, but couldn’t understand what he was saying. Fireball, AA dp and frame traps into 4-5 hit combos makes me a dick apparently.

Ragequitters should at least lose LP and FM.

I thought the same until multiple times, the opponent won and it still disconnected

more like 0
they don’t deserve shit
if anything -50

Penalize disconnects
Even if your internet went out
If anything, you should rarely disconnect and it is “your fault” anyways
Being penalized once in a while for your own faulty connection is not bad compared to the people who will be penalized for multiple ragequits within the hour

actually something is up with the system i think a friend of mine was complaining a guy rage quit on him he got a server message after their game. So then we sparred a couple casual matches and the exact same thing happened between us. some i won he got server error messages when I won some I got the same message. Its not rage quitting its the system Ill take pics and post what I mean

no dude
trust me
there is definitely ragequitting going on lol
not all of them are
but there are some for sure 100%

I played four matches yesterday, the very first one got disconnected during the second round, I am sure my opponent did not quit as he was winning. All just seems really unstable at the moment.

I know last night, (twice) after the first match I was kicked off with a message saying I couldn’t connect to the server.
Had to login into the server again

It doesn’t really matter who fought who and who did/didn’t ragequit.

If you do, there’s no penalty. That’s the issue.

The fix for this is simple.

Win a match = Get 50 FM
Lose a match = Get 25 FM
Disconnect = Get 0 FM

on ps4, seems that around 35% of pc players quit early on me. Havent had any ps4 users quit on me yet, Doesnt mean they wont. Definitely needs a disconnect punishment.

it happened to me 2 times in like 5 matches, no win or points. No history of the game either.