"You don't know Jack" The Jack-6 thread


Post Jack 6 info/discussion below. Will update this thread as I get time to compile data. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, leave them below, or send a PM.


Let’s just start by saying Jack-6 is a powerhouse. His moves can hit like a truck. Many of these moves will launch your opponent across the stage. Others will cause absolute devastation when your opponents back is to the wall, or floor. With all that power comes some disadvantages though. Some of his moves come out very slowly. Opponents will know that due to Jack’s speed, he can fall victim to excessive pressure. Your defense and throw break game will need to be on point.

Many of Jack-6’s moves are high risk, high reward. You can mitigate this risk by learning a variety of his moves, and understanding their applications. Jack-6 shines when it comes to Okizeme. If you can read your opponent, and learn several mixups, you will start seeing Perfects due to Jack’s big damage. He is also a great partner, which is explained in more detail below.


TZWiki Jack-6 Move list
I am putting together a top ten move list. This is open for discussion.

1) db+1

Beautiful move. Comes out quickly, hits low, and has great range. Got a masher trying to wear you out with quick high and low strings? Toss DB+1 out once in a while to keep him honest and help you space (the move pushes the opponent back considerably to a more comfortable range for Jack). Pressing 1,1 will continue the low punches, toss in a 2 afterwards for a quick right that hits mid that can catch punish attempts.

2) b, db, d, df+1

Debugger! Bomberman gave me the good word on this and let me tell you, it’s good. Jack is already a menace at range, this just adds to his mind games and mixups. Like said below, this move does not telegraph like other lows, and to add to that the size of jack’s massive mitt makes for one tormenting and deceiving hitbox. Llike most of Jack’s heavy moves, when the move connects the opponent is launched backward, and it’s time to work your tricks with more ranged mixups, or feinting to bait a launch for big damage.

3) b+3, 2, 2

As mentioned below, excellent combo finisher with potential to wall splat and big damage. Jack’s big boot will pick your opponent from the ground if timed right, it will also punish back rollers.

4) f+2

Usage: Jack shoots his right palm forward, striking the opponents high hitbox. This is a good go to punish. On counter hit it will knock an opponent square on their back opening up your Oki… It recovers somewhat slowly so you will want to make sure this connects.

5) df+1+2

Jack thrusts his two arms downward into the low hitbox causing decent damage and causing a knockdown. You won’t be using this while your opponent is standing though, it’s far too slow. The beauty of this move is when your opponent is on his back against a wall and attempting to side roll. If you whiff this move expect to eat it, and don’t abuse it because the recovery is garbage, a quick stand low block or low attack will beat the move cleanly.

6) f, f (hold), 1

Your go to bind. The range and speed of this move is impressive, and once again Jack’s big hands make for a large hitbox.

7) u+1+2

\o/ The launcher of all launchers. You land this one and people in other matches on other stages can see your opponent piercing levels of the ionosphere reserved for supersonic aircraft.

8) f+1+2

Jack rocket punches with both fists that have deceptively long range. This is a good keep out move, but opponents will see it coming and stop short of it’s effective range hoping you will whiff. Mix it up with other long range moves like debugger and f+2 to keep your opponents guessing.

9) f, f (hold), 1+2, 1+2

Affectionately known as the clap. Hits mid, then low, and knocks down, with the opponent put back to an uncomfortable range where you can continue your sadistic head games, punishing their futile attempts to mount an offense against you.

10) f+3+4

Jack ducks and thrusts his body forward for a fierce shoulder tackle. Easily punished on whiff, so the uses are selective. One use for this move: You knock your opponent down, well out of your range to follow up, you’re expecting the opponent to tag from the ground, you dash forward and bulldozingly welcome the tagged in partner to the arena.

Basic Strategy

To be added.

Advanced Strategy

To be added.


These are just some things I’ve worked on. I’m in the process of scouring for some good ones to put up, these ones are getting me by for now.

1) Generic wall-carry combo using auto TA

11 Hits, 109 Damage
Confirmed not to work on a neutral standing Marduk, the first move whiffs.

f+1,1+2 >> B! (f. f+1) >> auto-TA >> b+3, 2 2 >> dash forward >> db+1,1,1

Attempting the finisher for db+1,1,1 resulted in failure more times than not. I did get it to land once but I’m not sure what I did differently, or if its just a tight input. If you whiff that finisher you’re open for punish.

Confirmed this combo to carry to wall on small stages like Germany Town Square and Brazil Rainforest. Will not result in wall hits on large stages like Italy.

2) Combo off of df+2 launcher

6 hits, 34 damage

df+2 >> B! (b+4,4) >> auto-TA >> dash forward >> b+3, 2, 2 >> dash forward >> db+1,1,1

Light on damage, but carries somewhat decently. Once again, will only carry to wall on small stages, and don’t attempt finisher for db+1,1,1.

If anyone has any submissions or revision to these please please let me know. I’m looking for some reliable filler between the launcher and bound. I would love to see what you’ve all come up with.

Team Building

Jack-6 has one of the best tag assault assists in the game. His \o/ launches your opponent extremely high in the air, allowing you to extend your combo for further wall carry and big damage. A good example of this can be seen here.

Frame Data

If you find some, please PM me.


Here is a video of TK FightingGM using Jack-6


Special Thanks

Bomberman3000 - Wrote some hella useful information below, that opened my eyes up to Jack’s meaner side. Hope to see more contributions, maybe videos?

I know this page looks gnarly on Tapatalk. I will work on the format to make it more mobile friendly. I just had a child so my time is divided up between multiple things right. Please PM me if you have anything to add!






Oh god I need this thread so hard, I’m so last with how to play him but I just know I’m going to love playing as him.

Thanks in advance for this!


Open for discussion, eh?

f+1+2 should be used sparingly. It has ASS of recovery if you whiff or (even worse) if opponent blocks. Better off if opponent is further away.

f+2 is a good high 10f punisher (i. e. if opponent is doing anything more than a 10f move and not ducking, you’ll beat em to it). This will get people thinking VERY QUICKLY that Jack-6 is not a slow fighter. In this game, speed is only a measurement of frames, so in most regards, everyone is more or less equal on some fronts.

b,db,d,df+1 = Debugger
Fast LOW wide-as-hell sweep that for some reason doesn’t get enough love. I say compared to Bryan’s sweep of doom and Lili’s hella telegraphed sweep, most people don’t see Debugger coming as fast and get knocked on their ass. But don’t abuse too much, recovery is also butt.

The first hit that leads into the Machine Gun punches. Need a quick low 11f poke to piss off the opponent? Here you go. It is a staple of many Jack users everywhere. Don’t be too shy to ABUSE this. Don’t mash punches too much unless they are against the wall. If they get hit by this against the wall, finish the whole string with db+1112 for EPIC wall-splat that will lead into whatever your sadistic heart desires.

IF db+1 whiffs or is blocked, frame recovery is fast enough you can do an emergency follow-up with a WR (when rising) 4. People too close and think they’ll punish you will eat that boot.

11f punisher for everything else that’s still a tad faster than what you would LIKE to kick ass with, but it NCs (natural combos), keeps decent distance, and keeps people angry for a good while. Don’t get TOO happy with it (i. e. don’t mash) or you’ll go into the uppercuts (sometimes people don’t expect those, however…)

d+2, 1
I THINK it’s 12frames, not sure (prolly 11f). BUT this mid-low move has a low crush property and also can NC. I personally throw this out at start of fights against potentially uppercut-happy Mishimas.

Typical combo ender for Jack-6. Looks goofy, WILL PICK UP PEOPLE OFF GROUND WHEN THEY TWITCH, gives good distance towards a wall.

u+1+2 (or… \o/ )
The \o/
The most beautiful move ever. Game labels it at Patriot Fist. People type it out as \o/. You will as well, and so will everyone else, from HERE ON OUT.
Hit someone with Megaton God Fist (more on that later)? Managed to nail someone with f,f+2 by some chance? Keep the victim REAL NICE AND HIGH by tacking on the \o/ (or even ANOTHER!) and get dat damage in.
Oh, and people having Jack as a Tag partner will love him for this as well. Default Tag Assault command? YES. Comes out with \o/ to send em upwards and your point character will be so damn gleeful in the extra height to keep the kickass going.

is trying to look up the proper way to write the command for Electric Megaton God Fist

THE Bound move of Bound moves to keep combos going (as well as initiate Tag Assaults for those assisting Jack).
-6 when blocked (meaning, opponent ain’t doing anything to you if they block it), comes out quite fast, decent 16f punisher (I HOPE I’m reading the frame guides right…), it’s a friggen mid, ALWAYS knocks down, counter hit or not, and those who fought good Jacks before hate this move with a passion (what’s that Xiaoyu? Hugging the ground all day? JACKHAMMER.

Ok I’m all tuckered out. I’ll lurk from here on and not steal Huckler’s spotlight (he DID make this topic, after all).

I’m just a fan of Jack-6 is all.



No spotlight here man, just trying to make an open place for discussion. I’m very happy you contributed here Bomberman, I made this post to entice experienced Jack users to impart their knowledge. I will simply be putting all of this information together for the community to use. My goal here is for new players to find easily accessible information to improve the community overall. Thank you again for your knowledge and as I get to it, it will be added to the first post.


I play Jack-6, he is my favorite character from Tekken 6.


Heheh, glad to be of help!

I see yo ass at the top of the Leaderboards on the 360 version of the game! I’m curious as to whether our distance will matter net connection-wise when one day i wanna test you out!


Cut Saw
I call this move “The Clap” cause your opponents do NOT want to get caught with it, and the payoff is so damn satisfying. All the big guys in past Tekken games had this move (which was originally Jack’s main attack in the first place!) before everyone finally got their own goodies, but for Jack-6 it’s still one of his staples with a couple of follow-ups just in case people get cautious.

By itself with no follow-through, it will cause a crumple. You can Direct Tag IMMEDIATELY if it hits (more on this later, if you so desire, Jack-6 has about 10 different tag-out moves…yeah he good partner with anyone). But even then, you crumple someone, pick em back up with anything to make quick juggle combo (b+3,2 b+3,2,2 for starters…).

If blocked, you can get silly and add on either 2 (gut punch that sends opponent away, fast mid) OR if you’re feeling the opponent is not covering their legs, 1+2 will make Jack go low and splay their legs out for a knockdown (and chance to start OKI mix-up).

Your staple launcher.
Recovery is meh (-14 if opponent blocks), need up to 15f to properly punish with this…BUT due to Jack’s long-ass limbs, it seems to have something of a phantom range, meaning you CAN out-range someone by throwing it out there to launch, and then beast on them into a wall. Just about everyone throws it out once in a while if people are playing footsie games of chicken. If feeling bold, keep with 1,2,1 onward for uppercuts to keep up a guessing game of sorts. And it’s a mid, so people ducking you all day will need to remember to stand their asses up if they don’t wanna get uppercutted by Jack.

Jack does a baseball slide.
Yeah, if you use this in training mode, you’ll wonder “WTF he takes FOREVER to get his ass back up!” Yes, if you miss with this move OR it gets blocked, only someone absolutely fearing teh wrath of God (or Jack) so much (or just asleep at the controller) will be nice enough to leave you alone while you’re recovering from doing the baseball slide of death. So…why list it here?

Situation: you’re in a CLINCH of a fight with a person, both people are low on life, but both people are also a LONG distance away from the other. No one’s trying to run in to make the first move, everyone’s playing footsies…
…and then you reach max screen distance as stage will allow. Opponent is somewhat mobile, but they aren’t crouching very much at this point…
Yep, you might see where I’m going with it. If you dive into them from medium distance, it counts as a mid hit. BUT at maximum range when Jack does the move, it’ll still be active until he settles to the ground…and it turns into a LOW. Using this can catch some people off guard tremendously…just know that if used on opponent with low life and it doesn’t kill them…PRAY they get a braindead reaction from it and leave you alone while you’re getting up.

I’ve won some buttcheek-clinching matches with this…though due to Tag stuffs, I’d rather wait till BOTH opponents on a team are low on life before even thinking of it.


Yea sure no problem, I am #2 on T6 for Jack-6 leaderboards #1 being a hacker with like 3 wins 1 loss. (So you could say I am #1 there).

But I am far from being the best in the world though, Anakin has a beastly Jack-6.


Ok so I will be compiling the info posted into the first post and giving credit to Bomberman, along with a few of my own insights. Also, Where are you finding the TTT2 frame data for Jack?

The goal here is to gave a useful character guide right here on SRK. I am registered at TZ but I don’t like the forum set up. No tapatalk is also a big hit.

Would love to keep hearing from Jack pros for more info. On a personal note, debugger is beastly, I’ve just started working that move into my game. Caught many off guard with it, it works absolutely beautifully at its optimum range.




Added some combos I’ve worked out. Post up your combos folks!