You Don't Need A Stick To Learn C.Viper (Padplayers)



This thread will contain the advance basics for a "Viper Pad User"
note: I do use a TE fightstick now but I still play C.Viper on a fightpad <-- o_O wtf

Step 1. Controller Setup

Q. What is the best layout for a Viper Pad User?
A. Any layout!!!

Here is the layouts I use.

SF4 MC Pad 360:Tournaments - :lp: X :mp: Y :hp: LT :lk: A :mk: B :hk: RT

At Home/Online - :lp: X :mp: Y :hp: LT :lk: A :mk: B :hk: RT :3p: LB

XB360 Controll - :lp: x :mp: Y :hp: RB :lk: A :mk: B :hk: RT :3p: LB

Ps3 - Sorry, I don’t own SF4 on Ps3. BUT IF I DID!! :lp: Sqr :mp: Tri :hp: R1 :lk: X :mk: Cir :hk: R2 :3p: L1

Note: Some tournaments will not allow you to use 3P or 3k so make sure you master the 3button ultra on pad.

Step 2. How to do Viper’s Moves/Combos on the pad part 1.

Note: You can learn her basic moves by doing Viper’s Normal Trials

Q. Do I really need to learn Neg. Edge?
A. Hell Yeah!!

Q. What is Neg. Edge?
A. I call it “Auto Pilot” To Neg. Edge a move (T.Nuckle) you must hold down a button (:mp:) put in the input for a move you want to do (:qcb:) then let go the button (:mp:)

Note: You can only Neg. Edge a move that can be done with the button you are holding. Ex. - you can’t Neg. Edge :mk: into a T.Nuckle

Ex. - to do cr.:hp: into ex seismo using neg. edge. . . . hold c.:3p:, :dp:, then release the :3p: button

How to do Viper’s Moves/Combos on the pad part 2 (the moves)

Note: You can learn her basic moves by doing Viper’s Normal Trials

Rapid Seismo aka Seismo into Seismo

:dp: any punch :d::uf::d::df: any punch
Note: the :uf: is a shortcut! You do a Super Jump and you get the :r: input for your sec. seismo

Meterless Dash

:dp: any punch :d::uf::d: :mp::mk::r::r:
Note: to super jump cancel your normals the input is the same.

SJC into Ultra

Same. . . :d::df:any button:r::uf::qcf::3p:


  1. Normal Way - :dp:any punch:lp::mp: or :qcb:any punch:lp::mp:
  2. Sec Option - :dp:any punch:3p: or :qcb:any punch:3p:

Quick Recover

1.:dp:any punch, :d::uf::qcb:any punch, then press :lp::mp:
2.:dp:any punch, :d::uf::qcb:any punch, then press :3p:

Same as Stick. . . .

  1. :db::uf::qcb::mk:
  2. :qcb::uf::mk:
  3. :qcb::u::uf::mk:
  4. :qcb::ub::hk:

How to do Viper’s Moves/Combos on the pad part 3 (adv. combos)

c.:hp: into Ex Seismo burnkick
Normal way - cr.:hp:, :dp:, :lp::mp:, :db::uf::qcb:,:hk:
Sec Option - cr.:3p::dp: then release :3p:, :db::uf::qcb:,:hk:

The Famous FFF into Ex. Seicmo burnkick combo
Normal way - hold cr.:hp::qcb: then release :hp: and press :lp::mp: cr.:hp::dp:,:lp::mp: or hold :mp: the same time you do your sec cr.:hp: then release both buttons after you put your:dp: motion
cr:hp::qcb: release :hp: and press :lp::mp: cr.:hp::mp::dp: then release the two buttons, :db::uf::qcb::hk:

Sec Option - hold cr:hp::qcb: then release :hp: and press :lp::mp: or :3p:, cr.:3p::dp: then release the :3p:, :db::uf::qcb::hk:

Feint Combos (ADV/Flashy/Examples)

Note: If done right . . . . . her normals can link after a :hp: Feint. You have the option the use :3p: to feint these combos.

standing:mp:, :qcb::hp:, :lp::mp:, cr.:mp: into :mp: T.Nuckle

cr.:mp:, :qcb::hp:, :lp::mp:, cr.:mp: into :mp: T.Nuckle

cr.:mp: :qcb::hp:, :lp::mp:, cr.:mk: into :mp: T.Nuckle


Everything else has already been posted. (combos,matchups,etc)
If I miss anything please contact me. . . thank god. . . . I’m done!!!


well i think it boils down to committing time to it.
i use pad as well, but dont use neg edging, i dont believe in it


What would be the best button config without using PPP and KKK?(sick and tired of people calling others scrubs for using PPP/KKK and saying we pad players have an advantage.)


oh yea, cuz we clearly have the advantage lol.
Umm i stick with default on my ps3 pad. The only time i use 3P are during feints and ultras.
I even press 3 kick buttons for 3 kick ultras. i got rid of my L2 and made it no function. because when I do SJC FADC Ultra, i hit it by accident a lot of times.
I cant see a way without using the macros, unless we have ultra 2…and if i dont feint…then…yea


Lol, trust me Mikoal, people suddenly think we have an advantage now because of PPP and KKK. It’s funny though, before SF4 came out, everyone was like “stick is superior to pad, pad is garbage, don’t use a pad!”

Yeah, I use a Dualshock too, and I use default as well. Using Viper without PPP/KKK buttons seems impossible for me.


No tournament I’ve ever heard of has denied the use of PPP and KKK bound buttons. It’s in the game’s configuration itself, it would be insane to not allow that.


haha thats the funniest thing, because i was told by one of the sf4 regulars in our town to quit using viper if i use pad. Just give up on the game completely…those were words of encouragement, a couple of months later i was beating his bison, then he started whining about macros (PPP). If its so gdlk. by all means, use a pad…hell use viper using a pad.


You should check out the buttons of a Rog player we have here. He macros PPP, KKK, throw, and focus and totally disregards his Fierce button. He plays Balrog without a Fierce button and lets PPP do that for him but everytime he combos into headbutt when he has meter it always comes out as EX headbutt and does less damage. Yet, he’s arguably one of the best players in our area due to his reactions, defense, spacing, and footsie game. He plays such a simplistic yet incredibly effective Balrog despite having the most fucked up buttons I’ve ever seen in my life.

Macro PPP and KKK is not cheating at all. Pad players have to compensate for the button spacing with macros for certain things. Pad players also can’t p-link, piano or double tap buttons so all tight link combos have to be done legitimately. A macro for PPP and KKK is hardly tipping things to their advantage. Personally, I prefer using Viper on stick since I had a lot of troubles with TK Burn Kicks on pad among other things but when I was good with pad FFF, EX Seismo, SJC FADC Ultra/c.RH/etc… was all possible. The thing I like about pad is the lack of accidental mistakes with inputs as I never had an issue with Seismo’s being recognized as Supers on pad. Also, pad makes no sounds so some opponent’s can’t react with a reversal by the sound of your buttons.


Thats also why i like pad killey, no sound. :]

I tried viper on pad for a day, didn’t like it as much as stick.

Doesn’t EVO deny PPP, KKK, fa ect. buttons?


No. What’s a fa button? You can’t map focus attack to a button within the game (no natural m.p+m.k option).






Go back and check the button configuration screen and you’ll see that there is an option to map a Focus Attack button. It won’t show up as MP+MK it’ll say specifically Focus.


Someone is a bit misinformed, so check the configuration screen.


just out of curiousity why no KKK button? Before I got a stick, I would use it to do EX kick moves.


cuz i use 2 kicks for it
and it got in the way :stuck_out_tongue:


Viper only has one Ex kick move so I don’t use 3k. I only use 3p if the game is lagging.


Ha ha. Shows what I know. :slight_smile:


I am a pad warrior myself, and I am able to do all of viper’s moves on pad including: FFF, sjc FADC, etc. I rely on Macros, because as Ryuga said, it is nearly impossible for me to do FFF without it, even my ultra does not come out as consistently (I’ll get a super most of the time). I only have PPP set though, if I want ex-burn kick I press two kicks buttons, it is not difficult. Viper, to some, might be difficult on pad, but trust me if you master that pad you’ll be just as good as someone using square gates

Watch this video of a pad viper, I spar with him all the time (He manages to best my viper most of the time, but then again my viper is scrubby :P) Im not going to reveal his psn name, since Im not sure if he wants that revealed.


(Note= The guys amazed he’s doing all those moves on pad. Honestly, Wolfkrone is better now, and can land FFF and fadc uryo sweep, and resets quite consistently online, and most important of all, he is using a dpad.)

Anyway, back to the shadows I go, As I only lurk and not post, but had to represent the dpad! :stuck_out_tongue:


I use pad, and can do FFF without macros.

The only thing I use a macro for is PPP for ultra, and if I absolutely had to, I could do ultra without it. It would be a little iffy, though.

Medium and Hard attacks are on my face buttons, and light attacks are on the right triggers for me (that’s how I’ve played SF games on all consoles…from SNES to DC to PS1/2.)

For FFF I press Square (MP) and R1(LP) to feint in between my fierces. It took some getting used to, but I can do it consistently. Can do meterless FADC cancels, insta-burning kicks, and all that jazz. Just takes practice.