You ever had a favorite Fighting Game you wish was popular, but isn't?

Now this ain’t gonna be some rant about how Tobal 2 is great and blah blah blah (im sure most of you know i love it by now). But I’m sure there’s plenty of your who always want to talk about games you wish were tournament viable but aren’t because of a lack of popularity (sometimes brought on by age, or maybe because of obscurity. problems with publishers, etc.), or lack of playerbase.

but you just love the game so much. either because the mechanics are well tuned. or maybe it just has a certain “feel” to it you can’t find anywhere else. maybe its one of those great fighting games that everybody knows about but just doesnt play for some reason. well post them on here and maybe talk about it. doesnt have to be good or bad, just something you really enjoyed that you wish other people noticed as much as you did.

A couple games i really like that dont see a whole lot of play are V Sav, and a particular favorite of mine, Bushido Blade 1. now the reason i say 1 and not 2 is because in 1, you could pretty much use whatever you wanted. and it really did feel like character choice and weapon choice really defined both how well you were going to do in the fight. if you chose well, your character would play amazingly well and you may have extra abilities to help you win. choose poorly however, and things wouldve been an uphill battle and probably end in your loss. thats something that was somewhat blunted in the sequel. i also like how free roaming it was, as well as the usual 1-hit kills. i think that made it the most intense around.

of course nobody plays it cause its old as dirt (pretty much the point of thread), but its always nice to hear about it every now and then from people who enjoyed it. whats kinda funny is that Light Weight (the bushido blade developer) ended up suffering the same fate as Dream Factory (the Tobal 2 developer) and pretty much made crap games after what is considered their best achievement in terms of fighting games.

so tell us your story.


You’re only gonna find legit vsav communities in nyc, socal, and i’m hearing the kentucky/ohio scene is getting stuff popping off too.

As for me, it would be great to have jojo’s tournies on the regular :smiley: (offline, not ggpo)

I would have liked to get into VSav, but it’s far too dead.

vampire savior arr day!

@ first I played games like this

then I figured out games like this existed

end of story

vampire savior is probably one of the best games capcom has ever made. Incredibly balanced so you can play any character you want basically. zone\run\mixup styles all compete @ high levels. Not that glitchy as opposed to other Capcom fighters that were based\balanced around glitches. Great tempo, very fast paced. Lots of engine mechanics to use for battle rather than just normals\specials\supers. I really love the round system too where instead of doing a midscreen reset, classic SF, they treat it as a soft knock down so the battle is constantly going. Lastly, its not scrub friendly!!! no ultras, no bullshit xfactor, no last second rage, its pure skill. You get hit, deal with it.

tobal 2 is really fun though, we pop in it in the PSX from time to time and just dabble with it. That game might have more system mechanics in it than vf4 evo or t6 which is really impressive for a game that basically defined 3d fighting and came out in 97. It was so far beyond its time. I absolutely love the game but there are some really minor complaints I have about it like the speed. Tad slow for me but the mixups are pretty strong in it so it doesn’t bother me that much. So many good mechanics in that game that just don’t get used today for w\e reason and the training mode offers some frame data!!

Bloody Roar

The question you ask is kind of subjective, since there’s usually a scene for almost any fighting game, it just depends on your local scene or how good the online for said game is. That’s the way I see it, though. Sometimes a fighting game’s just doomed to fail, and no scene; no matter how big, can make it popular among the vast majority or even the…“limited minority”, if you will. Other times, you can have a fighting game that IS popular among many scenes, and has gotten notoriety among many fighting game players, but some scenes just refuse to pick it up; leaving those players in the cold. Again, just the way I see it.

In my case, I’ve wanted a LOT of fighters to be popular. I suppose if I had to single out a particular fighting game, it’d be Guilty Gear or Virtua Fighter. There was only one guy in my state that I played GG with, and he was good; good enough that I played with him for years. However, he no longer really has the time to play. So, no more GG in my neck of the woods, at least for now. As far as Virtua Fighter goes, I’ve got a few players in my state who play it, but interest is down. Final Showdown may ignite that spark, though.

yeah, im hoping FS gets some people back into VF. some of my friends dont like it though because unless you work your butt off to get the clothing pieces for your main, the game just looks kinda bland by itself. i guess i can understand that part, but the game is just too good to ignore it like that. or at least it should be.

This. Furthermore, I’m convinced that if Konami (who should logically hold the keys to this property, now that they’ve absorbed Hudson) got 8ing to do a proper next-gen revival/reboot to Bloody Roar, it too could have a chance of joining the modern day fighting game gravy train and maybe actually a nice name for itself on the HD twins (soon to be triplets).

But unfortunately, between 8ing being busy and Konami probably not caring about BR anymore than they do their own neglected franchises, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see a BR5. It makes you wonder why Konami got 8ing to do CV: Judgment, when they could have easily invested the money into a Bloody Roar instead…

I loved Fatal Fury 2. I was too much of a scrub to notice it actually sucked, and still it was better than any other SF2 clone by then. I was always playing it at the local arcade, and smiling (which made people nickname me “the smile”), often sort of dancing according to the themes it had, which sounded great, for the most part. Terry’s, Chang’s and Bear’s themes were really cool, for instance. Fatal Fury Special would later be released, for even less exposure around the small town where I lived: I could only play it in consoles.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Too many haters. :frowning:

TvC got play at evo 2010… why did it die ? - because its on wii ?


I wished Asuka 120 would have been big, i coulda made combo videos back in the day…

I always wanted KOF to be more popular, IPW has been doing an awesome job hyping it up as of late, but I doubt we’ll see it at evo…

Guilty Gear.

Virtua Fighter.

some good things to post in this thread:

  1. the new game i like that nobody else is playing
  2. the old game i like that nobody else plays anymore
  3. the old game i like that nobody else ever played
    just a few starter ideas for anyone who wants to post in this thread but isn’t sure how to begin!


I know this is gonna sound weird, but there was a series of 3 Godzilla fighting games that I would have loved to see get some competitive play. Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla: Save the Earth, and Godzilla Unleashed. The thing is, all 3 had a really diverse set of characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. And above all, they were all a blast to play.

But unfortunately, probably because its Godzilla and so little known, the only time I see competitive play is at G-Fest. Oh well :frowning:

One Must Fall 2097

It even had pre-GGPO netplay by IPX and dial-up (Which you can virtualize through DOSBox over UDP these days)

Def Samurai showdown 2 or even 6…The spirits system was really great. In six you could basically customize your fave char to play like their previous versions or even a mix of new and old…Awesome games that nobody even mention nowadays. Bloody Roar was awesome too…

Rage of the Dragons